Phone Sex

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Face the humiliating truth about yourself

Do you find it arousing to have your masculine defenses unraveled, and put aside, leaving you face-to-face with scary and vulnerable "girly" feelings which you never share with your girlfriends? You can't share these things with women can you? Except when you call phone sex girls, right? They are the only ones to whom you can confess about your secret wishes and desires.

I've seen it so many times. I know that there are two things going on, the obvious one being the erotic, exciting sexual arousal; and the other, which is the reason that being treated a certain way is so exciting for you.

I love working with those scary feelings and truths which are so hard to face but which are too sexually exciting to ignore. They make you so weak and vulnerable to my control over you. And I love having that control over you.

I will only accept mail from you at first, until I find out enough about you to know I can work you over effectively on the phone.

I know from many years of experience that you are most likely one of those guys who will never do more than take tiny peeks into your girly feminine feelings just so that you can jerk off. That's okay, I will still bring out so much from inside of you to scare you enough that you will not so easily forget what you learn with me.

I seen men who never do more than jerk off to fantasies about being feminized. And I've seen so many who cross dress but keep their stash of clothes hidden from their wives or girlfriends. I've also watched some "guys" who discovered that these exciting feelings meant something more than an occassional jerk-off. They've faced the frightening truth that they are women inside, and not men at all!! I've watched some of them take hormones, (and yes I know where you can get them without a prescription), and turn their bodies into soft, feminine, curvy smooth-skinned legs and real breasts of their very own to play with and admire in the mirror. They eventually come to live as women full time.

But the one truth that comes out again and again, is "Once a sissy, always a sissy." Even those of you who find yourselves to be trangendered, will find that after the entire transition process, you will STILL NEED TO BE HUMILIATED BY A WOMAN!!