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Your Goddess Hathor wants worshippers


Your Goddess Hathor wants worshippers


I am the ancient Queen of Heaven. I am the Goddess of love, beauty, music, motherhood and joy. I have recently retaken human form after being greatly displeased with the treatment of mothers, daughters and all of womankind by the men of this world. The human form I have taken possession of is that of a 25 year old Australian girl with green eyes and a wickedly curvy body. I am particularly pleased with her perky, round size 12E breasts, smooth skin and fantastic complexion.

I seek to raise the status of women in different countries and to rectify male domination. For this, I require followers, votaries and slaves from around the world.


I demand servitude, worship and your tribute. I am a creature of divine beauty, wisdom and complete perfection. Such creatures of divinity have a purpose, not a wage paying job like you mere mortals. I will travel the world, improving the lives of women and indulging in the delights of the mortal plane. I will build a palace for my people to come and worship and I will live in decadent luxury as a Goddess rightly entitled to. My votaries will wait on me hand and foot, entertaining me with performances and ensuring my garden blooms with flowers and is shaded by sycamores. You will help me do this. I deserve your money more than you do. The more money you give me in tribute, the more use you are to me. I have no need for broke men in my life.


For your tribute I will provide you with online attention, take command of your life and guide you toward greatness. I will train you as a votary, teaching you how to serve your Goddess and have you working every day only to serve me. If you do not please me I will punish you. I can be a cruel Deity, exacting delicious pain and torment to those who deserve it. If you ever disrespect me, I will give you the cruelest punishment of all; cutting you out from my life and sending you to hell in the afterlife. To my most devoted and generous votaries, I will allow real life service. You will be allowed to pamper me, do my bidding and receive physical punishment and trials on behalf of the men of this world. Your time with me will involve ritual, sensuality and complete and utter immersion into the worship of a higher being. You will be very grateful for my attention, addicted and totally under my control.

The palace I hope to build will be in the Art Deco/Egyptian style. I will allow four votaries to live with me, to serve me every day. Only my most treasured votaries from online will be granted this privalege. They will be required to take care of me in the ways that suit their talents. They will wear chastity devices at all times and wear only loincloths when at home.


All interested in serving me should send me a message, detailing how you can serve me, what your interests are, what your life is like, what your needs are and what your limits are. I will then provide my chosen followers with my msn account name for us to converse on. Otherwise we can converse via email or Livejournal (which you will be made to keep as part of the transformation process to post assignments on). The hours I keep allow me to take on votaries from the Americas and Europe. I hope to hear from you soon.

In case you were wondering...
vo·ta·ry (vt-r)
n. pl. vo·ta·ries
a. A person bound by vows to live a life of religious worship or service.
b. A devout adherent of a cult or religion; a committed worshiper: the votaries of Aphrodite.
2. A person who is fervently devoted, as to a leader or ideal; a faithful follower.
3. A person who is filled with enthusiasm, as for a pursuit or hobby; an enthusiast.


$10 gives Me coffee and cake at a cafe

$25 gives Me gym membership for a week

$50 gives Me dinner at a restaurant and a cocktail

$100 gives Me internet connection and phone for a month

$150 gives Me new lingerie or high heels

$250 gives Me new fetish wear