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Miss Veronica deVille


You ARE My new puppet!

Yep! That's you! My new puppet! You found the avenue to your deepest desires. Your new fantasy with-in a dream. I cant wait to tease you and mind-fuck and have you quickly captivated by Me!
What your drooling over right now is a Woman who is quite capable of placing YOU into the palms of Her pretty hands. ~grins~
I know My powers and I know exactly how to use them to get what I want! So do continue reading. I have some suggestions for you before you call!

Before you call it would be in your best interest that you purchase My rules before you call. Failure to do so could result in your failure to know who I am and what I expect. Don't cry if you find you have wasted your money because you're a wanker-retard who cannot follow directions. You can't say I did not give you fair warning darling. I will not tolerate rude non-submissives who do not strive to please.

I know most of you pigs stare and wank, but I am looking for a different breed of pigs. I prefer My pigs to be intelligent yet obedient creatures. Pigs that are loaded with money to spend, and ready to give 100% to Me. Can't handle this? Well then you're not My type of bacon to fry. So move along from My page and to another fool who will put up with your selfish intentions.
This is about Me. How to serve Me, worship Me and be the best little pig slut you can be for Me. Don't get it twisted. IF you are a good pig-slut, then you will get your reward in the end.
I love to tease and deny you until your little pecker is so hard it nearly bursts out of your pants! ~giggles~ So eassssssssy to control that pecker until its rock hard and your begging for more!!!

Now that you know what I am about and what I am looking for, you now have My permission to move forward from here. Lets see what a good little boy you can be for Me!

As a note I want to also add that I assure you I AM who I say I am. I am not a fake girl with a script. EVERY pic is Me and I am a Real-time 24/7 Professional Mistress. I welcome you if you are seasoned or new, to journey with Me into a world where fantasies meet reality. Shame that there are so many on here who are NOT who they say they are. Better for Me, and better for you now that you have found Me.
Sadistic Kisses,


Cam ID. See/chat with Me live Rules Apply
Coming Soon!!
I don't WISH for it, IT IS DESERVED!
Coming Soon!!
$5 Goddess Devotional
Keep your Goddess's feet perfectly pampered! Special REWARD for you!
Only the smallest may pay
Its OK to cum in My name As long as you PAY PAY PAY!

Submit your Mind, Heart, Body, Soul and never forget your wallets to Me!