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Veiled Vixen

Tease, Humiliation, and Being Spoiled

“All is mystery; but he is a slave who will not struggle to penetrate the dark veil”- Benjamin Disraeli

I'm not here to play nice. And you're not here to think. Just do as I say. When you step into my domain you pay to obey. So go ahead and pay tribute to the VEILED VIXEN!!!! I'm Sexy, Snobby, and Spoiled and that's just the way I like. Get ready to hand over ALL your money, You don't deserve it, I do! Soon I'll have you whimpering to take your money, little punk. You'll never escape me but then again how could you, you're spineless and weak. So give it up already, Momma's Boy!I'm going to take everything. You'll be begging to shine my shoes for a nickel when I'm done with you. Acknowledge My Ownership over you everyday. Otherwise you might trip over the leash hanging around your neck. I have a lavish lifestyle to maintain and your paycheck will suffice for the moment. But heed my warning, if I get bored, YOU WILL be dismissed!!!! Spoil Me DAMMIT! You know you want to. You're dripping wet just thinking about it.I don't want what's in the wallet, I want what's in the Bank Account! And I don't want a little, I want it ALL!!!!!!!!!! You wish you weren't so easily overcome by me but you can't help it. And you CAN'T stay away either. Remember, DEVOTION=DOLLARS (How devoted are you?). So, make it a habit of displaying your devotion to me as often as I run across your feeble mind. Go on and beg to spoil me. . . . . . .
Wish List
$25 You Thought About Me!
$25 Quickie (Tease)
$25 Quickie (Humiliation)
$25 Quickie (Foot & Hosiery)
$50 Always Full!!!
$50 Slave Application Fee
$75 Spa Manicure & Pedicure
$85 Utilities
$100 T.M.I. (Total Manipulation Investment)
$150 Weekend Wallet (Chump Change)
$300 Weekend Wallet (Real Spending Cash)
$600 Rent Is ALWAYS Due
$750 Make My Panties Wet
$999 Give Up The Bank!!!
$20 Enjoying The Afternoon (Pic)
$25 Headed Out For The Night (Pic)