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Mz Lisa

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Or... I'm your boss and you have been sexually harassing the female staff, so I decide to teach you a lesson, in front of all the girls you have been fucking with. I tell you if you want to keep your high payed job your will submit to every humilliating torment I can think of, and I have a very evil and creative imagination! you will be forced to strip, and bend over My desk where you will be paddled till you cry like a little boy. Then perhaps forced to wear panties, stockings, and a bra while you struggle to walk in 5" stileto heels. All those women you coerced into having sex with you will be laughing at you and taking turns forcing you to eat them till they come all over your face!

It's your b-day and I have brought home a hot young girl for the night. Her and I are going to rock your world *grin*.

You had mentioned being bi curious so I blind fold you, take you to the local adult book store and place you in a glory hole booth.

Skype is FAR superior for smooth picture quality, so that is the only program I use! Purchase My ID ahead of time and request I add you to My list and when we do our first video call there will be no wasted time getting that all set up. I use a Logitech HD, top of the line cam.

As a rule I am always in Domme mode. But I have found that early in the morning I like to take cam calls just to tease and torment males with the sight of My perfect breasts, wet shaved pussy, and nice ample round ass, knowing they will be thinking about Me the rest of the day remembering all the things I said, showed them, and made them do to please Me.

I am not shy and will show you what I think you deserve to see, and I do so love to hear a grow man beg *chuckle*.
BUT.. keep in mind that although I am much more relaxed on this listing and don't require an honorific, (Ma'am, Mistress, Goddess, etc.) you WILL still be expected to mind your manners!

I am Mz Lisa, a professional, real life Dominatrix living in South Florida

So we can either play out a fantasy of yours, chat about kinky stuff, or I can just show off while you jack off for My ammusment...*wink*. you don't even need to speak, but I want to hear your moans of pleasure!
I would also love to hear your kinky thoughts and fantasies. I doubt you can shock Me!

Some of My favorite role play scenarios are:

I catch you looking in my window and blackmail you into being my little sex slave, and we do it MY way. I will tie you to My bed and sit on your face, grinding My ass and shaved pussy into your mouth, and frustrate you by hanging My huge breast just out of reach of your waiting mouth as you strain to lick and kiss My hard nipples and suckle My breast. Then we will play "Tease and Denial" where I take you to the edge of orgasm and then back off.. over and over.