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~ The Queen of Emasculation ~

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Queen of Castration and Emasculation

Castration and emasculation are two concepts that I find quite exciting! I am  fascinated by castration and intrigued by all the implements as well as the psychological aspects. Castration appeals to Me on many levels fueling My cruel streak as well as the idea of Dominant Females being in total control!

It all began 9 years ago when I actually witnessed a castration.  This particular event is burned in My memory and is not one I will EVER forget. Witnessing the humiliation, the physical helplessness and vulnerability as well as the actual event and the after effects were thrilling and erotic!

Since then My interest has only grown as I have collected equipment over the years and recorded many videos and audio recordings that feature castration. I have a very active imagination and the idea of forced castration and ritualistic castration is especially erotic to Me!

For instance, in The New World Order you have violated a prime directive and you come before the board to be judged and sentenced. Strict rules and harsh punishments have been put into place in The New World World.  Beginning with the attractive uniformed Female guards arresting you, the restraining of both you and your genitals, to the Magistrate and your sentence. The sentence of a painful castration to be carried out immediately!

Or the role play fantasy of a forced castration. Thinking about it, imagining what it would be like and what it would entail. Of course, in your fantasy your castration emasculation has always been performed by an attractive Dominant Woman.We have talked about it for months now and you have begged Me, pleaded with Me to remove your balls. I agree to meet you...the last thing you remember is knocking at My door. Now reality is setting in as you find yourself vulnerable and at My mercy. When you turn your head, you see the sadistic smile on My face and realize for Me your castration was not just a fantasy!

Maybe I will take you through a ritualistic castration where you will spend the day gazing at the gelding bench and I will explain to you the ritual that you will undergo. Restrained and helpless while other Women are witnesses to your pain and suffering! your balls will be removed as there is no use for them. your emasculation and castration will ensure your masculinity is stripped away.

I might use Mind Control and use suggestions so that you Crave to be Castrated. A relaxing induction takes you down very deep into a pleasurable trance. While you are deeply hypnotized, I begin to tell you how much you want to be Mine, to be owned by Me and to please Me. You know that castrating you will make Me so very happy and please Me. Now the thought of castration will be so exciting to you, so very erotic. There will be no fear, just the craving to be Mine and to be castrated.

To engage in an erotic and exciting castration and emasculation scene call Me The Queen of Castration and Emasculation!

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