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Megan Lyxxx

Watch me drain your account as you beg for more

You have more than you need or deserve, its time to watch me drain away your life savings with a sexy smile !
I love taking control, playing games like raise the rate, or pay to view games... I could list all the ways I will leave you breathless and begging for more, but I'd rather make you email me, or call me and start spoiling me!

You might have control in your daily life currently, but once you get with me, all that control is mine!
I don't have a care in the world, your whimpering only turns me on as I drain that balance down to a single big fat ZERO
You have come to me today, because you're in need of something different, you're bored with all that you have, its not satisfying you anymore, but I will...
I'll drive you wild, satisfy you so deeply with my wicked smile and gleeful squeals of laughter as I take it all and then some!

I don't care if you've got a family, I don't care if they will go without, its not like they appreciated all that I'll be taking away from them!
You're tired of being in charge and having no fun, the only excitement you really get is the thrill, the fear and the rush of watching me take it all without a soft conscience, I wont even consider what will happen to you or them tomorrow...
Once its mine and in my control... why would I care what you may go without, if you're hungry once I've drained your wallet, well then maybe its time for you to get a second job and hand over all your info, so I can go through your life like an accountant and put you on a very tight budget, especially when its close to my birthday!!
So Spoil this princess now, at least I'll appreciate it more than anyone else has!
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I specialize in all things domination, but i find listing it all to be so ridiculous, plus it forces you to email me... The first step in entangling you in my web of desires and satisfaction. Warning of side effects: You may experience poverty and complete satisfaction, be warned I'll rock your world adn leave you broke!

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