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“An ineffable experience. Lesser mistresses let things flop around without direction... but she keeps it tight and stays in control. Very good at discerning the needs of subs. I look forward to my next session. Don't miss out!” -DepBicuspid

“LOVE paying this wonderful lady whenever I can, which isn't as often as she deserves, but she still allows me to exist in her world.” -ryan6

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Tired of the same old POV videos? Want to see something REAL? The majority of the videos I produce under FONTAINE FILMS are of actual REALTIME SESSIONS. I do not have scripted scenes, elaborate role play scenarios or even a camera man, half the time! hahaha! I am a One-Woman-Production-Team and I do the best I can to bring you the RAW UNADULTERATED CONTENT that you LOVE and rarely get to see!
I have been tormenting bitch bois and girls for nearly a decade now! It's only a few years ago that I began documenting My experiences on film and sharing them with the world. Now, I'm sharing them with you! So show your gratitude and start clicking!

I know that you frequent My listing looking for items to collect for your spank bank for later..well here they are… They say "A picture is worth a thousand words", well that’s certainly more than you deserve! You know crave to see more of Me... So start with these and check back frequently for hot sexy photo worship updates!