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Perfect Nikole

Princess Nikole, Welcome to MY Empire

I am Princess Nikole, 23 year old Financial Dominatrix experienced in humilating & controlling stupid losers like you. I'm here to be pampered and amused you pathetic mokeys, this is a great privilege so consider yourself lucky.

I know exactly how to get into your mind. I know exactly how speak to you to DRAIN you of everything you have, and have you sooo twisted and addicted to Me you won't remember a time where serving Me was not your first priority. I can humiliate and degrade you anyway I want, I will make you feel even more pathetic than you know you are. I mean, just look at Me, I'm perfect!

I can manipulate anyone into doing ANYTHING I want, this has been an interest and pleasure of Mine since I was young enough to even understand what to do with this power. Now that I am older I know exactly what I want to do. Fuck over weak men like you and get everything desire!

I know exactly what makes you the weakest and most vulnerable.

I LOVE doing this, My heart beats faster the more and more I drain you... I can easily just take your hard earned cash, and blow on a life of luxury at your expense! Because I deserve it, all of it. The entire world is lucky to have Me in it! This is a way of life for Me. You're just lucky to be a part of it. I will lead and dominate every pathetic male that I come into contact with. After all, you are not real men now are you? Nope!

What you want is a reason to to wake up in the morning, a way to escape from your boring mundane pathetic "life", someone to spoil, a beautiful young Woman to stare at for hours on end and pamper. All you want, is Me. If you work really really hard and show Me how much you want that escape, that rush of release from your stupid existence, maybe, just maybe I'll give some of My precious time and allow you to submit to Me fully.
This is just a vague glimpse into the the world of Princess Nikole, if you think you can handle it,message Me with a Tribute and introduce yourself.
Thats it for now creeps.