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Wordplay and Storytelling is my Specialty

Anything you can dream of, we can conjure into reality. Am I your father, master, brother, priest, teacher... Whatever your pleasure, from the poetic to the filthy, you'll be left breathless after we're done.

Here's a little taste of my handiwork...

I whisper in your ear sing-song things, chants of faraway dreams and delightful stings... I like bending a phrase to build your cage, surrounding you with poetry till your bonds are soft as rose petals but twining as vining clutching you closer... Come closer gentle beauty. Let my touch be the kiss of a bruise, the lace of laceration to the caress of crimson that flows from the corners of your panting lips and weary hips. I build this castle for you in the sand to swipe away with a child's hand. Climb its towers and fall with me into the tide, sweeping us under. Feel the drunken, heady embrace, weightlessness, plummeting deeper into the sky. I sit astride you, an angelic cloud and a conquered beast.


We had been talking for some time online, six months or so I think. It had started off innocently enough, similar interests in some chat room. For some reason we clicked immediately and talked almost daily after that night, growing to anticipate one another being there when we were online. Something about you drew me in with an instant familiarity that it usually takes so long to cultivate. You seemed comfortable and exotic at the same moment, an ease of conversation that could take us from ridiculing the latest movie to intimate desires in the same breath. The first time you opened up to me intimately shocked me a little. So sweet and joking one instant and exploding with passion the next. It was like there was a weight off of you once you knew we could talk about how hungry you'd get at times. Aching to be filled, needing to be taken, secret fantasies that you'd never told before. Seeing your picture intensified the desire I had for you even more, eyes that devoured and lips that seemed forever smirking and hiding a secret. It wasn't long before we started talking on the phone and inevitably we'd end up with you sliding down my chest and grinding against me, begging me to tell how tight you felt, how sweet you tasted. I could tell exactly when your fingers slid inside of her by how your voice subtly changed. I hung on each syllable as you described every detail with your unbelievably seductive voice. Letting me know how sultry my words are, how delicious my body would be against you, and how seeing my cock would make you instantly wet, knowing that it was your lust making me grow so long and thick with desire, all without even being in the same room. As you got more comfortable having me satisfy you by telling stories about whatever naughty thing your mind wandered to each day, you'd call me already moaning that you needed your fix. Begging for that sweet southern tongue to be buried inside of you. It would drive me especially crazy when you'd sneak off to your car at work, making sure you had no panties on knowing that being able to touch her at any time is intensely arousing to me. "Fuck me", you'd growl. Then I'd tell you exactly how I'd have you pinned against the car, behind you, slipping your skirt up over your smooth, beautifully rounded ass so that I could admire it as I slipped my rigid head between the lips of your hungry cunt. Pounding inside of you, I'd muffle your cries with my hand so that you could scream each time you came. Thrusting deeply until my pulse, beating so hard through my throbbing cock, could be felt within you. Finally, fountaining hot streaming cum you're sent again into spasms of ecstasy. "Talk to you before bed?", you'd whisper hoarsely afterwards. "Definitely". We joked about it at first since we lived so far apart, but eventually we both knew we had to find out if it could be even more intense in person. We agreed on a day that would work with our hectic schedules and started counting the days till I'd fly out to meet you at your house. You teased me saying you already had something special picked out to meet me in as a surprise ... but no panties, just the way I wanted. The thing is, time slowed to a crawl. Knowing I was actually going to have you, to experience your every curve and scent, to say it has been unbearable is a monumental understatement. You'd told me before about a part-time waitress job at an expensive restaurant that you'd taken on for extra shoe money, easy cash for showing a little cleavage and a beaming smile to sex starved millionaires. It took little effort to locate the place, and a short plane ride later I was there. I recognize you instantly from your pictures and our hours of playing on cam online. So here I am, a week earlier than expected, watching you gracefully glide from table to table. I made sure I'd gotten a haircut and highlights and you'd also never seen me before in a suit. I don't talk much or very loudly when you seat me, and thankfully the deception works as you're completely oblivious of the fact that it's me. "Finally, I get to make one of our fantasies happen", I muse slyly. You return a few minutes later with my martini and begin reciting the specials for the evening through that shining smile of yours. I wait patiently until you've moved close to my seat in the booth, obscuring me from the rest of the room. And as you look away for a moment, I confidently slip my hand under the hem of your dress and halfway up your silky thigh, gripping it tightly. Your head violently whips back around, stunned that someone would be so forward. Before you can speak, we lock eyes. "Did you leave the panties at home like a good girl?". Hearing those words I'd probably said to you a hundred times now made you noticeably weak at the knees. Or maybe that was the sensation of my hand ascending to caress your lips under the dress. "I, I...", you stammered. "You're already moist and hot there aren't you honey?", I purr innocently. "I couldn't wait another week beautiful girl. I need you now. Right now." You look down, mouth agape, to see the outline straining against the fabric of my pants. Regaining your composure, you manage to discretely lean down and conceal a lavish kiss with your curtain of satiny hair against my face. "You have literally taken my breath away. I have got to go in back and calm down for a moment or someones going to notice how hot you've got me. I don't think I've ever gotten so wet, so fast. Evil, evil man", you mutter as you whirl to quickly walk down the nearby hallway. The restaurant is darkly lit and no one has noticed our exchange at all. I follow your lilting behind to see that you've gone down a long hall and didn't turn to the kitchen. Seizing the possible opportunity to get you alone, I nonchalantly follow the same hallway. At the end, the door you used leads to an alley where employees come to smoke on their break. Your back is to me and traffic noises hide my presence behind you. Leaning on the brick wall with one hand, you seem to be breathing deeply so as to relax without much success. I briefly let my eyes slide over your form, starting with your long, soft hair with a hint of perfume that I caught at the table. Your elegant neck and back flow into that absolutely edible ass that I'd seen so many pictures of, dreaming of fucking you from behind every time. I roll down one trembling leg and back up the other as I feel the need to be inside of you consuming me. I move upon you like a predator, grasping your wrists and forcing you against the wall. "Are you ready?", I grunt harshly, more a demand than a question. "Yes, god please", you pant. "Fuck me, hurt me. You know I need it". "Beg for it. You've teased me with that delicious body and your irresistible voice for too long. I want you to beg for me to fuck you in this alley like a lowly whore", I grow even rougher with my words and my hands. "Please, yes! I'll beg on my knees. I'll beg with my tongue wrapped around that wonderful cock. Fuck me, please I'll do anything. I am a whore, I'm your whore. Fuck, I can feel it hard against my ass", your begging almost a sob now. "What a filthy little slut's mouth you've got. Like I'd let that dirty mouth suck my cock. But I will see if you can take it like a good little whore", with that I drive my cock into the sloppy wetness between your legs. "Oh, ... my, fuck.", you gutturally moan as I nestle my head against the back wall of your tender and straining pussy. I hold it there, as deep as your body can allow for a moment letting you savor your full belly, impaled on my marble like column. "Do you feel how hard you make me? Do you?" I withdraw almost completely from you and then start slamming back inside repeatedly. Your breasts crush against the wall and you can feel the strength in my hands nailing you in place. Powerless, you succumb completely to my thrusting. Harder and deeper with every other word, "This is... what you force me to endure... every time you unleash that succubus voice on me. Now my little siren, you can't even speak. That's right, take it deep and milk that pretty cock inside of you." You mutter unintelligibly again and I can almost feel your eyes rolling back and your mouth hanging open, gasping for air as you saturate me with your honey. "Did you just cum on me without asking permission?", I ask cruelly. "You know better girl", bringing my hand down across your supple ass with a loud slap. The rhythmic pounding and pain sets you off again, and again I discipline you accordingly. "Please, please may I cum. Fuck I... can't take any more. Can't... stand.", you whimper and collapse as I catch you under your breasts, still bucking wildly inside your belly. I drape your limp form over a large box next to the door and in moving you my cock slides out with an audible sucking sound. I drink in your already bruising ass, criss-crossed with finger shaped welts. Kneeling down, you moan loudly as my tongue snakes over your lips to your clit. "I do love the way you moan for me". You push against my face trying to ride my mouth and balling up your fists to fight screaming. I dip my fingers inside your swelling entrance and string your honey to my tongue before sinking my face into the wet mess to lap loudly, drinking in every drop I can as I consume your delectable cunt. Feeling another tide of orgasm wash over my lips as you shake violently, I stand up behind you again. I can feel you cringe as you anticipate my rock like hardness returning to your womb but I drag my head slowly up from your clit, against your entrance and inexorably towards your ass. This time the surprise is all mine as you rock your weight back against me to pull my entire length into your ass. "Is that how a whore takes it? Did I get it all in one stroke?, you wryly taunt. Having regained control of your spasming body you turn us around, leading me by cock like a leash. Leaning, almost seated against the boxes, you proceed to ride me unmercifully, crashing those deceptively smooth but muscular cheeks down my shaft and against my balls. I begin to wonder if I've met my match. "Goddamn,... ugh... you are incredible. Oh, ...shit. Oh, fuck. God, you feel... so exquisite. So fucking perfect." "I know", you wink over your shoulder as you gyrate to the point of torturing my cock in your infernal ass. "I'm going to ride you raw and drink every drop of you. You shouldn't have come early if you didn't want to go home twice as sore." You work up and down my shaft like some sort of demonic piston. I didn't think it was possible for a woman to fuck this way with her ass and all too quickly the intensity of the sensation brings me to the brink of climax. "Oh, my fucking god... drink me. Fuck, drink me... I'm going to cum", I sputter and cough trying to find my voice. In an instant, one fluid motion, you're on your knees delivering the most intoxicating sensation I've ever felt from a woman's mouth. I watch dumbfounded, delirious as you bob furiously back and forth while stroking with your white hot tongue underneath me inside your mouth. "I,I...", now I'm the one stammering. My cum unleashes in a torrent against the back of your throat, choking you for a second before you greedily suck harder. Lusting for my salt, you seize my cock with both hands at my base squeezing and pulling every drop you can to your hungry lips. My vision blurs for a moment and I can only gasp as the orgasm racks my body, my cock jerking violently in your hands. I try to speak, moan, anything to let you know how incredible you're making me feel, but all I can manage through the haze of cumming is a confused, appreciative gaze. Grasping the base of my cock tightly to hold back any cum you might lose, "I know honey", kissing my head. "And you do have a fucking gorgeous cock", you return to slithering your lips down my vein engorged shaft like a frenzied serpent. "You are incredible", I state honestly and in awe of my good luck. "Everything... I could have imagined." Draining every remnant of cum on or inside me, you stand up straightening your dress."I know", smirking again and licking your sticky lips and fingers clean. Pulling me close by my shirt you intimate, "And you my devilish man, are a wet dream come true."

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