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Asian Disciplinarian & Life Coach

I'm a real time Dallas Dominatrix who LOVES correcting wayward boys.
You should call me if:

*You have something to confess and need to atone for your sins.
Maybe you're a bad husband who cheated on his wife? A negligent father? A cheeky nephew who talked back to Auntie? A pervert in the office sneaking a peek up his secretary's skirt? A college professor taking advantage of that perky cheerleader who needed help getting an A? A naughty altar boy who stole from the donation basket at church? Whatever the wrong-doing, you need to be spanked and punished!

*You need to be broken of bad habits.
It's common for men to waste their time and money on porn and chronic masturbation, gambling, drinking, smoking, eating junk food, going to strip clubs, and buying things like huge flat screen TVs or sports cars they can't afford despite the negative effects of strained relationships, financial ruin, or causing health problems. Your girlfriend or wife can nag, beg, and plead for you to stop, but nothing will get across to you like a woman taking charge and making your bottom red!

*Your life is a wreck and you need the hand of a strong dominant woman to guide and motivate you.
This is my softer life coaching approach for those truly looking to make a change. You might need help eating better and going to the gym, finding the motivation to check off a long list of projects around the house, looking for a new job or you're just a lost soul trying to find himself. We'll discuss your goals, formulate a realistic game plan and you'll check in regularly to report your progress. For life coaching, I employ assorted motivational tactics to keep you on track, though often just pleasing a superior Asian Goddess is all the motivation you'll need.

While you're bent over my lap, a bed, school desk or pew, I may employ the use of spankings, hair brush, paddle, ruler, or riding crop (for authentic Asian discipline, I will make good use of my bamboo cane). I may also send you to the corner for a time out, ground you, send you to bed without dinner, or lock you in a closet.

When you call, be prepared to follow my strict protocols. I am to be address as "Miss Lydia" or "Miss". Introduce yourself and tell me if you have something to confess, a bad habit that needs breaking, or if you are in need of guidance, then I will take things from there. If you're looking for a 3-minute jerk off session, call someone else. After our call, you will mind your manners and thank me for taking the time to correct the error of your ways. You can show further appreciation by leaving me feedback, sending a tribute or surprising me with a gift from my Amazon Wish List.

If you're interested in getting to know me, need a kinky confidante to discuss your fantasies or desires, or have questions you're too shy to ask anyone else or about getting involved with the BDSM scene, call me through my Mistress listing:

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