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Tired of being shackled to the same routine everyday? Family, friends, and co-workers always looking to you for answers? Feel like you’re being crushed by the weight of your responsibilities? Ever wish you could just give up control?
Find Freedom in Submission

You’re subject to countless pressures bearing down on you from all angles…. You spend so much time trying to meet and exceed others’ expectations of yourself that you sacrifice your own happiness and desires in the process. You’re conditioned to think happiness is achieved through power and control over your life; but it’s precisely this fact—that you have to be conditioned—that proves it’s not the natural state of things, at least not for most people. On the contrary, most people want to be dominated on some level or another. You’re taught to repress these desires, and if you can’t or won’t you risk being labeled as a freak or weirdo. The time has come to accept and embrace these desires and be who you want to be—who, deep down, you know you are.

As a 24/7 lifestyle Dom of almost 10 years, I’ve led numerous men and women down this path before. It’s the path to carefree happiness.

Three pics of me getting more comfortable (contains nudity)... $5.00 USD
Dressed the way I look best (All Nude!)... $10.00 USD
Even if you can't reach me here, I'm usually available on YIM. I charge a one-time fee of $15.00 USD.

Special Rate of $1.99/min for 1 week only while gathering new playthings for my collection. Check back frequently for additional content.