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Drainer of wallets and hearts.

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Buy me 2 drinks-25$

Spoil me- 100 dollars

Worhsip me-500 dollars.

Looks are ALWAYS deceiving. I may look kind and sweet, but I'm completely ruled by contempt.

I hold contempt for many things, but nothing disgusts me more than you. Yes, ESPECIALLY you. That pathetic need to be controlled, humiliated, to be ruled by a woman. There is nothing sadder and more deserving of my hate than something like you.

So why not put that pathetic little existence of yours to use? Give me your earnings, spoil me, give me what I DESERVE. God knows you don't need it, nor do you deserve it.

I AM the ultimate Goddess. Perfection incarnate. Snow white porcelain skin, dark hazel eyes, a Slender curvy figure, legs for miles, smooth silky skin, a flawless complexion the list goes on and on. I am the DEFINITION of perfection. Be honored that you get the chance to serve a woman as amazing and perfect as me.

"Why is your cost per min so high?"

What a stupid question! Because I deserve it of course. I don't allow cheap wallets in my life, so if you can't even pay me the minimum of 15 dollars then you're completely useless to me, and can drop dead for all I care! You won't really win my love/respect either way though! If you really do have the audacity to call me, I won't be able to stop myself from laughing at you, because really- you truly would succeed in proving to me what a pathetic waste of human garbage you are. So take out your credit card now and give your Goddess EVERYTHING. You have no choice anyways do you? You weak willed little worm.