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Serve and Obey Under My Feet

Welcome boy. Here you have found your place Your place is to surrender to Me, your Master. Your place is to surrender under Master Jason's feet. Here you may settle down deep into My control, helpless and obedient under My feet. Knowing you are Mine. Owned by Master. Always under Master's feet in your mind. Feeling My control completely around you. Here you know that you are so happy to be Master's boy. So content to be owned by Me. So fulfilled at your place under My feet. Here you may lay obediently under Master's feet, as Master's boy, so happy and so attentive. Feel how you respond to being under Master's feet. Your mind submissive, body tingling with pleasure. Here you will find your connection to Me grow stronger and stronger. Here you will submit more and more deeply under your Master's feet. Here you will grow into the perfect boy for your Master. Here you will work towards that perfect day when you are completely and totally your Master's boy. So happy to be Master's boy. So content to be owned by Master. So fulfilled at your place under Master's feet. Take the plunge. Let Master Jason control you. Soon you will find yourself submitting more deeply than you dared dream. Its time to relax and let a real Master do the thinking for you while you spend your time blissfully under Master Jason's perfect feet.
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I currently have 3 hypnosis training files available:

Training File #1 - TimetoRelax.mp3: Induction.
Start down the path to true submission and obedience. Listen regularly and you will find yourself slipping more easily into trance and falling deeper each time you return. Your next step is to further your submission and training with Training File #2.

Training File #2 - TimetoObey.mp3: DeeperSubmission
Continue down the path to deep submission under My feet. This file is designed to loop so you can listen over and over, sinking deeper and deeper under My control. Find a period of time when you can just listen and let My voice take you away to where you belong - submissive and obedient under My feet.

Training File #3: UnderMastersFeet.mp3:Foot Worship
Now that you have listened to My induction file and deepened your submission, you are ready to worship My feet. With this file, you will sink to your knees, crawl under Me, and lay there worshipping My beautiful feet. You will sink deeper and experience the pleasure of being under Master's feet.