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Mean Jeanne

Give Me Your Money? NO...I WILL GLADLY TAKE IT!!!

Let's cut to the chase here... I want your money,you will give it to me, and I will gladly take it and laugh in your stupid face...even if I have to pick you up by your ankles and shake it out of you...fucking LOSER! If you're going to complain about how expensive I am you can just go fuck yourself because I don't give a shit what you think...some other weak ass slave can easily fill your place you fucking pussy.

I don't have time for games or bullshit... If your wallet is thin... Then you better not think of even calling or emailing me. I do not tolerate cheap broke idiots... If you even provoke me or waste my time I will go out of my way to let anyone and everyone know what a dumb worthless fucking loser you are.

I expect you to fork over all of your my my for my expensive clothes as well as whatever the other expenses I have. If you don't pay you will be so severely punished...I won't post what I will do to you on here...but trust me...if you fucking waste my time I will fuck your shit up and that is just pure fact!

Call me you big giant pathetic pussy... And be prepared for me to squeeze that money out of you.

Penalty fee for breathing MY air...$200 LOSER

Penalty fee for wasting my time...$200

Pay my bills for the month you cheap fucking pussy!$500

Make yourself useful for once in your worthless pathetic for my expensive clothing for the month $800

Pay my rent you cheap bastard $900