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So you know I am a Tranny and I do dare to be different as a lot of my good friends I have made through different get togethers , like Tranny dances and other events.animated gif maker

Not everyone there is a chick with a dick. There are many different unique people out there. I have met PreOps, PostOps, Men that only dress in woman's clothing in private and women who dress in men's clothing for the thrill of it.

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It's all good. We have events where we can let loose and be ourselves! Nobody is there to judge or stare or laugh

We ate good food and danced to some great music

There are even married men that are secret cross dressers and their wive's do not know. They get to live it up and have fun when they tell their wive's they are going out with "the guys

The shemales I have met, as well as the drag queens wear the hottest and sexiest clothes. The women who dress as men have very nice clothes to show off! Some of them are woman who are born to be men and some just get all snazzed up secretely too just because it is sexy and turns them on.

These "gender bender" parties are a lot of fun. Some of the people are turn-ons and some end up becoming great friends, especially the older, more experienced trannies. I learn a lot from from my friendships with them. Some of them are able to answer any questions I have or share success stories in their lifestyle, and just put my fears aside. They're just an older version of me.

They're a lot of movers and shakers out there the kind of people that love to let loose and feel free, the kind with commen fetishes.

Even though, these parties or dances are kept clean out in the open, there are some private "after hour" parties held at a member's home. It usually consists of 4 to 6 people who want to take their fetishes a little further for the evening.
I have been to a couple. One duda had a huge jacuzzi on his patio. We had bubbles of butt naked fun!make avatar

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