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Goddess Erika

Hypnotising & Seducing you into submission

you know you shouldn't.. but you can't help yourself. you grow more weak each time you look at me. When you hear my hypnotic voice it just intensifies your feelings of devotion. you need to submit to me and give in to your true nature.

you are now completely mine. you can't get me out of your head. Not that you would want to anyways. Give in and pick up the phone..

Obey My Breasts Tranced into loving and devoting yourself to Me. Obey My breasts.... My seeds of thought brainwashed into your mind.

you were born to be on your knees worshipping Me.
I am the Woman that you crave and hunger for. Enslaved by My spell.... Obeying and Surrendering to My BIG DDD Breasts. Always needing more of me... I take you away from the cold of reality. Burning you with such pleasurable heat when you Obey My Breasts. Controlling you with My Breasts.... Pretty Girls with Big Breasts get Everything that they want... Featuring Topless Bare Breasts, Shiny clothing, Erotic hypnosis, Trancing 8 minutes

Obey Erika

In this erotic trance fantasy Erika is your girlfriend... Sounds wonderful right? It would be if you didn't already have a wife.. Torn between right and wrong you agree to go to dinner with Erika but with plans to break it off. Unfortunately for you Erika has other plans.. and soon she has you tranced and brainwashed into believing that your wife doesn't matter.. Whatever Erika wants Erika gets... Using her massive DDD breasts you had no choice but to give in. After all pretty girls with Big Breasts get everything that they want. But it's not all bad for you give over the last of your will power Erika leads you into a cum count down while you watch her play with her big bare wet breasts in a bubble bath. No married man can resist... Featuring: Erotic Trance, blonde, wet, nude, topless, large areolas, big nipples, mind control, masturbation instruction, cum countdown

Hypnotic PTV Game mp3/video
listen to my hypnotic voice as it seduces you out of your money

My yahoo and skype ids

Hypnotising and brainwashing you with my breasts Ptv Video
Brainwashing and seducing you out of all of your money with a combination of lipstick hypnosis mixed in with dangerously sexy breast hypnosis.

Loser/Humiliation Assignments

your first loser assignment.

Amuse me PTV Game

This one is a bit humilating for losers as well Teasing you with my breasts. A Game to see me topless as I tease you with pictures.(plus find 2 hidden videos)

Go ahead... indulge your Goddess with a perfect gift. Remember, Pretty girls with big breasts get EVERYTHING that they want.