Phone Sex

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Sultry Voiced Fallen Angel for your Pleasure

I often get asked "Why Phone Sex?!!! You could do anything!"

The answer is simple: I could do anything . . . but how could "anything" be as much of a rush as what I do now? Will "anything" get you so hot you need to play hooky from your meeting to call me from your cell phone in the bathroom? Will "anything" get your cock hard, your imagination going at full speed, and make you cum so hard you almost pass out? I want to be the one that teases you, turns you on, and gets you off.

I love the way a man's voice changes when he is aroused, the sounds he makes as his fantasy takes over, the noises he makes as he cums. Knowing I am your fantasy, your "wet dream", and your personal phone sex toy makes me more than a little wild.

I like it to be fun. I love to laugh with you then take you places you wouldn't have thought of on your own. I like to get you relaxed, then turn up the heat. Let you think we are going down the usual road, then take a sharp turn into the dark. Even when I am the victim, I am still the wordsmith. It's my world and you walked into it willingly. Now you don't get to leave until the story is over.

Do you want to go on a long walk along the beach? Fuck like bunnies in a blanket on the sand as the moonlight kisses the sea? Would you rather catch a sexy cat burglar trying to rob your house and punish her in a way which will leave you both breathless and wanting more? Maybe you simply want your hot girlfriend to stop by the office and give you a blow job while you work. It doesn't matter what fantasy you crave, it will only get better when we share it.

I was on an interview for a telephone job once. When it was over the man conducting the interview said to me, "This is off the record, but I had to tell you, you have a voice like the best kind of fallen angel."

If I sound that way answering a switchboard, imagine how I will sound when I am hot, wet and ready for you!