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I Love A Guy In Panties

This listing was created in 2011

Have the desire to wear satin, nylon, or lace? Feeling trapped in your own skin? Does the thought of wearing sexy, provocative clothes, make that thing between your legs, beg for mercy or more?

The Beginner's Guide To Feminization

Like to dress like a whore, choose to smell like one, or have the desire to be tricked out? Enjoy the power exchange between the opposite sexes? Ache to be filled with My strap on, penetrating deep within your mentally converted vagina while your hungry mouth drools for some twisted and kinky perversions? I hear someone begging to be used like a blow up doll, and fucked senselessly...

I could be the sweet girl next door. Interested in being My Teacher's pet? Become BFFs (best friends forever)? The lesbian lover, My naughty French maid, the Senior Highschool girl that comes to My place to deliver My pizza? I could be your sexy high heel salesgirl, the photographer for your next Playboy Cover shoot, the hairstylist, give you a manicure or pedicure, crown you as a Prom Queen, or a prostitute... the choice is yours'. The question is, how far are you willing to go?

Looking to be 'forced' into sucking cock? Having it thrusted down your yearning throat, gagging yourself to tears, and being rewarded with a hot cum load - anyway you can get it inside...

Of course if you've been fantasizing about that, you need not to really be forced. You already want to do it. You just need a seductive inspiration. That's where I come in.

Become a Lady. Become My whore. Unleash your feminine side...

Whatever reason you feel the need to wear panties, or slide into those silky stockings and a garter belt, slip into that nylon teddy, or need to tighten up that corset, I'm here to help you into them... and here for when you want to get out of them, too.

Shave those legs, clasp on that bra, strap on those heels, pluck those brows, manicure those nails, get a bikini wax, and get your girly ass over here... it's time to be all the girl you can be...

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The roleplay list below consists of several ideas for any man looking for a little gender play - and beyond

Roleplays For Any Man: (be the)

  • Lesbian girlfriend lover
  • After school Teacher's pet
  • Girl next door, turned bad
  • Pizza girl who delivers
  • Sneaky, sexy babysitter
  • Whore for females, males, or both
  • Slut for females, males, or both
  • Slutty, bratty, or classy cheerleader
  • High school best friend
  • Naughty French maid who does more than clean
  • Sexy secretary with a dominant female or male Boss
  • Princess looking for Princess Charming or another Princess
  • Butch turned babe with a makeover
  • Kidnapped for ransom
  • Blackmailed willing to do anything
  • Escort for classy women, men, or both
  • Jailbird used by all her cellmates
  • Escaped convict doing anything survive
  • Flight attendant with her own Frequent Fliers Club
  • Doctor that prescribes her own special 'treament'
  • Dirty nurse who loves to give private checkups at the office, at her home, or anywhere
  • Playboy centerfold and cover model, and maybe on to porn star
  • Runway model strutting it out on the catwalk
  • Glamor model to be trained for billboards and magazines
  • Undercover agent for the police, military, or as a private eye
  • Cock sucker, willing or forced to do the deed in public bathrooms, airports, gyms, clubs, and anywhere else imaginable
  • Makeup artist or Hair stylist
  • Clothing designer local or across the globe, for straight, gay, or lesbians
  • Kick boxer trained to kick ass and ask questions later
  • Masseuse that enjoys to rub one out real good
  • Classy Lady who is sweet, charming, and quite possibly rich beyond her dreams