Phone Sex

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I advise & tell stories about fantastic anal sex!

Hi! I'm Belinda, and I love to talk and educate about the wonderful world of anal sex! I love all facets of anal play. I'm a real woman, and I've had a lot of partners in my life! One thing I love more than anything is a night that includes anal sex of any kind. I've been married and a swinger for a very long time - I got married young and we had a different idea of what marriage should be like from the first day we met. To give you an idea of how that went, my beloved first laid eyes on me when we were at an adults' only club, and I was...entertaining... two gentlemen at once. My boyfriend at the time was one of those men, and invited Mark to become the third. I begged him to use me mercilessly, and he was almost scared off by how badly I wanted it! He had no idea women could be like me. I advise people about sex all day and all night long. It's what I do professionally. I miss the days when I told phone stories to men who were taking care of themselves. I like talking about the wilder, taboo parts about sexuality. I always manage to take care of myself when I handle callers - it's so much fun! You deserve to talk to someone who has been with men and women, and used many tools to achieve blissful anal sex. You set the tone - if you want storytime, conversation, advice, or just to listen to me attend to my needs, tell me at the beginning of the call. We can play make-believe, role-play, or just laugh and talk about whatever. I won't moan and groan in an exaggerated phony way, so you will not have to roll your eyes at the phone! Special attention is always given to men who want to talk about taking a good pegging. I can discuss the pros and cons of toys, fingers, tongues, and how to avoid messiness, including STDs. I have practical and whimsical advice.