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katrina baby

I can fuck all nite.. give & get!

I have this wet dream, I have it a wakes me, as I touch myself in the middle of the nite. I am in a bar, dark, rank, sleezy.. I see this couple, sexy, very close, very hot, very horney.. Her hand is on his cock, he is cupping her bronze chest, as he reaches for her round ass. The sexuality, the lust is savage between them, though no one seems to notice but me. They are checking out the room, looking for a new toy, looking for a fresh fuck, looking for an animal to fill thier lust and wanting.. Hungry. I can smell thier sex, it smells like abandon, heat, liquid, desire, flesh. I am at the bar alone, tight jeans, low shirt,that sports a play ground of delights.. handfulls for all, and not for the timid of heart ! Heads are turning.. But who cares, I am on the prowl.. I know what my prey is, and I know its only a matter of time! I wait. All kitty! Can I buy you a drink? he says, and of course I say yes. I am Jullian and this is my wife Cloe! Eyes meet, linger, and I ask myself, are they as aroused as I am at this moment? What I have dreamt of doing, if you only knew.. I have been so wet for so long for this very... fuck! That was the begining of my real life, awake... wet dream from the wettest part of my pussy.. We, all of us, fucked for 2 days,, he did me, I did her, we all fucked each other.. I drank cum, I drank honey, I was fucked with fingers, tounge, toys,, and I fuck each in the same way.. I begged to be tied and splayed and owned by them both, but in the end, I left, sated, full, fullfilling a dream that I only had in my sleep.. In day light hours I had been sucked and fucked .. I had done the sucking and fucking... This is a wakeing dream.. and as I walk to, who knows where, I cant get the thought of Cloe's sweet wet pussy on my face.. and to make it even better, He fucked her from behind when she came on my face, as I licked her flower of a cunt, she called my name.. Katrina, Katrina... Fuck me, Fuck me. Lifes a dream alright... And I was awake for it!