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Sadistic Hypnotic Straight Alpha God

New Goodie Bag ... Just a few randoms of ME smoking, and showing off MY boots on the front porch... enjoy it slaves...

AUDIO recording of ME telling you what an pathetic little sissy you are... this one is particularly for the little sissies out there...


Just a few (4) extra lazy pics of Me, outside, having a smoke and showing off these size thirteen boots...

I'm an intelligent, straight (that means you won't be sucking my dick, OR getting fucked) college educated, Dominant ready to use your mind in whatever way I see fit...

I cater to a variety of your perverted and pathetic fetishes so if you're not the kind of slave who wants to actually go under, hypnosis style, email Me anyway and tell Me how you want to make yourself useful... I might be willing to help you with that haha.

Cuckolds welcome(I've gotten alot of experience talking to you lately), Sissies welcome, Closeted... I'll help you accept who you REALLY ARE

Think about That Feeling you get when you KNOW you're under the control of a Real Dominant. Someone that understands what makes you tick and what you're craving right Now. Crawling at these size 13 boots, tasting the leather while you worship on the floor naked except for your dog collar... you look up briefly with tongue still tasting boot and see the silver leash leading to MY curled up first. You know you're OWNED. I know you're already fantasizing about an intelligent Dom getting in your head... since you're here looking for a Master to submit to... ask yourself whether that feeling you CRAVE is GROWING while reading this and you'll KNOW whether you've found the right Dom.

I have a solid understanding of hypnosis both standard and conversational. I am well versed in NLP and using your own language to take you DEEPER into a place that allows you to FEEL that humiliation and submission we both know you CRAVE.

I've played around in the typical maledom scene and had some fun with it but My real passion is in Hypno... controlling the body is one thing but controlling the mind gives Me a much bigger THRILL.

This isn't for the submissive men who just want a quick wank... This is for those of you who have tried recordings and the like, and KNOW they dont work... you're looking for a Dom who can bring you back to your center and start rebuilding you in the image of the obedient little hypnobot you were born to be.

I have a firm understanding of how trance works and how to induce it in the right slaves. Once you're there I can literally make you feel anything. Any honest person would have to admit that hypno control is the deepest form of submission... not just offering the body... but the mind as well.

I can do a variety of things including but not limited to: turning you into a little sissy slut, ruining your orgasms, forcing you to do things you normally wouldnt with a smile on your face, and so much more.

So stop wasting TIME and call Me so we can begin your TRANCEFORMATION and you can finally FEEL what we BOTH know you NEED.

So if you're ready to become the obedient little bitch we BOTH know you are... why not start listening to My pre recorded hypno ? Go ahead and prime yourself to be My little cash slave... Don't listen while operating heavy machinery...