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You'll BEG to Adore Vadori!

Bow down you weak, groveling losers! I'm Vadori and you're going to BEG to worship me and do whatever it takes to make me happy!

You're going to want to shower me with money and gifts to get me to notice you! You'll HAVE to! Come on! Look at me! I'm OBVIOUSLY WAY out of YOUR league! hahahaha!

I get men and women from all over begging for my attention! I'll have you eating out of my hands, begging what you can do or get for me to just so you can say you pleased your Goddess! After all, that IS what you were put on this Earth for...To worship and cater to gorgeous women like myself.

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Some say I'm a tease but who are you to label me? It's MY world and you're just paying rent....MY rent! I will give you my attention when I feel like it and when you make it worth my while. PAY UP YOU VADORI SLAVES!! I OWN YOU!!
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