Phone Sex

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Expensive Ignore And Tribute Lines 4 Losers

This is the only LINE that you may try to get my attention and I may talk to you

IF not dont leave me bad feedback if you get ignored

Call right now to begin your ignore session. Don't forget to PAY MY TRIBUTE!!!!!

I will laugh/giggle just thinking of your money going into my account while your wanking awayI might put your pathetic ass on hold while you wonder where I am at and if I am ever comming back to pay attention to your pathetic ass it doesn't really matter does it? If your lucky maybe ill pop back on the phone every once in a while to see if your enjoying being ignoring

Let's see how long you can handle being ignored by Me and test your devotion to Me!

You might be allowed to talk, trying to get My attentions during My ignore session, but don't expect to get it... it's not that easy!

Maybe I will talk to you once you have proven your worth!

If you send Me a message, expect a paid mail response in return! *NOTHING IS FREE*

Get your wallet ready and call as many times as you need to feel like the ultimate loser.

Atten: I will try to keep these listing on 24/7....

I will change the rate on all my listings when I feel like it...

My Lines will be on all day, and all night If it says Away not taking calls I am not home :).

Who knows what you will hear Princess Being naughty or nice? Call and find out!.

And by the way, absolutely no cumming when you're on the call - I decide when that happens, only I can give you permission

Don't call Princess Amy expecting phone sex!

Call Now so I can suck your wallet dry.Don't think for one minute I will talk to you

You can talk dirty all you want, but all I will do is laugh in your face! Hahahahahahaha LOSER! And Lay the phone down

LIVE CALL / NO SCRIPTS / English is MY primary language

I am not an actress, I don't read from script, this is the real deal


If you want kindness and understanding DO not call ME

"When I answer the phone I expect to be greeted to you saying " PLEASE Princess Amy Talk to this loser IF not IGNORE ME AND TAKE ALL MY MONEY"

Don't call Princess Amy expecting phone sex!