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brainwashing, fetish, mind control, wallet rape

What happened to the girl who got everything she ever wanted?...she wanted MORE!! Heil ME bitches! Hi losers!! I'm Princess Heidi. 4'10, 85 lbs of pure perfection, greed, and dominance. I've always been a spoiled little demanding, bossy bitch, and hell YEAH cocksuckers, I am proud of it! All my life I've pretty much got everything I've ever wanted, and nothing about that is ever going to change:) You know why?? because of weak submissive panty wearing cuckie wimpdick "men" like all of you reading this right now. And by looking at my pics, its pretty much self explanatory. I have a way with all of you losers that makes me get into your sick twisted little greasy heads and stick in it and mind fuck you, making you give and give until there is nothing left because everything goes to ME. You are here for a reason. And that reason is to give and pour all of your hard earned money at my perfect little feet, while I mock you, make you feel more stupid than you already are, and laugh my way to the mall, to the bank, and buy whatever I want at my cold little heart's content! I will not only manipulate your mind, make you uneasy, and turn you into my never ending piggybank, but I will become your only reason for existence. You will soon cater to my every whim without thought or hesitation, and will go to any lengths to see me satisfied and happy. I will be your addiction having you wrapped around my cute tiny toe forever...faster than you can say, "what else can i give to you, Princess Heidi?" And lets get a few little things straight, shall we? I could reeeeallyyy give a flying fuck about your "family", wife, kids, bills, stress, blah blahfuckingblah..ok? What matters is ME and ME only. MY wants, MY desires..THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLDDD DOES indeed revolve around ME! And I have absolutely NOOO tolerance for timewasters..If you have NO money or gifts to pamper me with, then seriously fuck off you broke cunt! Like really, no messages sent to me "oh youre so beautiful and perfect...i dont have any money now but...". save it bitch. We all know I'm drop dead gorgeous and wonderful and shit but save it for when you DO have lots of tributes for me. There is NO excuse at all for not spoiling me. ok??? OK!! So get your hand off your lil 3incher, get your thumb out of your mouth, put the kleenex down and pull up your big girl panties and do what is best for you....give to Princess Heidi. . .because living carefree and happily and greedily and being spoiled is much more enjoyable knowing its all at YOUR expense! Heil Heidi bitchboys!!!