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Hypno Galiana

Hypnotic Mistress Galiana-Intelligent, Fun Control

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Hypnotic: I experimented with hypnotism early in life, but didn't realize the erotic possibilities until I was taken under by phone sex callers, and I loved it. I love the focus, the energy, the rhythm, and the possibilities. Oh, the possibilities... to feel more vividly, to crave more strongly, to remember that which was not, and to forget that which was...

Before we start, I need to know what you want so I can tailor. Be specific. Chances are good you won't be speaking much while you're under, so the more I know before we start, the better our time will be.

smart hypnotic galiana chance

Leader: Before I did phone sex, I managed programmers, so I understand: to get the best performance from a smart, thoughtful person, I have to know what motivates them, and adjust my communications and training to steer them to want to meet my goals.

Translated to "Hypno speak" (or even to "Domme speak"): to get the most loyalty from you as a hypnoslut, I have to crawl inside your head and find the most potent combination of your buttons - and then enjoy the hell out of pushing them.

When I take you under, you have all my attention, all my creativity, all my energy, and all the desires of a strong, smart, sexual, experienced woman who loves turning a partner to putty.

Human: I care about the human side of my play partners enough to want to explore each others' peccadilloes. The activity on tap is not as important to me as the experience of sharing an intense connection with you, built on our mutual desires, and my skills as an empathic hypnotist.

Your lust landscape probably has 50 things in it. My lust landscape probably has 50 bazillion things in it. I am confident we can find overlap, and build an amazing playground together.

The more I know, the more I can shift to ensure our mutual gratification... or in some cases, the more I can use against you to increase my amusement at your torment. It depends on the dynamics, really, doesn't it?

dominant sweet sensual cruel

Sexual: If you're looking for an ice queen who isn't turned on by sex, look elsewhere: I love to fuck. I love to come. I love to hear my partner wrestling with their most primal of lusts.

Don't get me wrong: I get turned on by playing with orgasm denial for you, but you will be edged mercilessly along the way. Have you ever had a woman masturbate with pleasure at the ferocity of your struggle? Yummers.

What I'm Not: In my off-phone life, I am actually a pretty decent person: I am not bitchy, manipulative, princess-ey, or unreasonably demanding – however, I consider all of those attitudes excellent tools for playtime.

I'm not exclusively dominant, so if it squicks you to be topped by a switch, move along, and I wish you well.

I don't have a script or a regimen or set protocols for you to follow – I will figure out our path together as I ask questions, sense your energy, and grow in my understanding of you.

relaxed curvy oral fetishist

Smart: In addition to being a former data analyst / systems analyst / IT manager, I come from a family of engineers and accountants. I have a tendency to take technical types as lovers, so I tend to be surrounded my clever folk. If you crave hypnotism because you're tired of your brain running full steam ahead all the damn time, I can totally relate.

I'm not Einstein-smart, but I technically fit some quantitative definitions of the term genius, even if you don't buy into the idea of multiple intelligences, but especially if you do. I'll readily share my SAT scores, my IQ percentile, and where I went to college.

Creative: I was a theater major and a creative writing minor. I have been paid to act, and to write fiction. Not much, but I didn't pursue either profession long. The important thing is my artistic spirit: it ensures I can keep coming up with fresh ideas, I have the empathy to understand why your fetish turns you on, and if you enjoy a good role play, I can fully join you in your fantasy.

Fun: I genuinely enjoy what we do, and I will amuse myself often. Sometimes at your expense.

role player confidant playmate lover

Real: I honestly love sex - I'm openly non-monogamous in my personal life.

I honestly love hypnotism and phone sex – the discovery and exploration have been deeply enriching for me, as well as being sexy as hell.

I honestly love getting to know a new lover - discovering how to make your breath catch from lust turns me on more than I can express.

I look forward to trancing with you
~ Galiana

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