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Zombie Queen

No Collector this Xmas, just pure evil Elena!

We are Unstoppable!

Although I am Eastern European it is North American men I find most fun to fuck with. Kinky men of course are my favorite.

American men are such easy prey. I have been practicing/studying hypnosis and witchcraft like evil seductive scientist to get my kicks and I can't get enough.

Together, Collector and I will mesmerize you and we do have a plan for you. We want to create an army or zoo, if you will, of obedient horny creatures that do as they are told and bend to our will with a single command..craving to be a part of our experiments. How long can one slut stay sane after being brought close to orgasm over and over again for hours, if not days at a time..his sexual energy building to the point that by the time we harvest, this energy will make us the most magnificent force on earth.

We love to hear of your deviant behavior, your perverted fantasies and your desires. This listing will be perfect for the slut who is not 100% into men and enjoys obeying a powerful womans needs to use a slut and sway him into being hypnotically controlled so deeply, he will do everything we want. Men who are turned on by a woman And a big strong handsome alpha male using him have the most amazing energy and it is this that we want..and WE will take for our amusement and preternatural needs.

Be our slut

Be our disciple

Be our slave

We will be doing calls mid January when we will be together..experience something rare, deviant and deliciously evil! There is difference between perverted and sick. If you begin talking of things that would turn off anyone in their right mind, I will give you burning in your loins that Never goes away And keeps you from getting erection.

Go to my main listing to find link to Collector's page ..where you will find stories and the beginning to your Financial demise. Click on thumbnail to see a preview of You in action for us.