Phone Sex

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Financial Domination is the only tangible way in which a Mistress can receive your submission via long distances. Fantasize now and again all you like but take a look at your back account after being brought under the allure of a financially sadistic real-time Domme who not only knows all the rules but loves the game just as much as you! You won’t find anything cliché about the kind of control I can wield over a man. The slow and deliberate workings behind my plans for you will never be revealed and my compassionate charm will leave you intrigued, longing, and a tad confused by the four hour conversation you just ended. What just happened? Your adrenaline is pumping with thoughts of this sensuous young woman who binds your mind with the power of her sensual intelligence. A vague feeling that I am up to something beyond your understanding may persist…so take this as your final warning - I don’t give in and I don’t give up until you find yourself bankrupt! I can be ruthless and hardcore so consider this your final warning before moving on that my services abide by NF standards AND allow me to do as I please. You called me for entertainment purposes after reading my listing and I will give you what you seek! Trust me, I know men and I love them when they're that weak... I’m not a cruel Domme. Those types are a dime a dozen but I’m one in a million. In fact, I do believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how kind I can be while draining your bank account into mine. For first time financial masochists, you may be scratching your head and asking why anyone in their right mind would actually seek out someone who would take all of their hard earned money - what is so sexy about that? It’s not a fantasy one wakes up with one day - it’s an experience that deepens your threshold for the worth of a strong, sexy, intelligent woman and not a mindset many return from. Many fall into the trap out of curiosity for what this is all about. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you’ll have any conscious idea until you understand the complex power exchange you’ve engaged in…and feel as though the dotted line has been signed without your consent. Before you call - Read my Rules. It’s the first question you will be asked and if you have not, I will kindly redirect you to my listing and hang up or wait patiently while holding on the phone for you to do so. Oh and don’t expect e-mail responses without a PTV amount attached. My time is valuable, my intellectual assets immeasurable, and if you won’t appreciate the value - someone else gladly will. Anyone who gives me any issues will be blocked without further warning than the one you’re reading right now. Consent is such a funny concept. I strongly believe in one’s initial consent as made evident by filling out one of my applications. There are three - one for financial domination, the next two become a little tricky as they are both contain elements of blackmail, one with an option to opt out and the other…be careful as I stand by my word and blackmail information is easier to attain than one may think. Rest assured that if you have no interest in blackmail, it will never be a consideration for me to do so but I will thrive in your vulnerability if given permission to exploit every detail of your personal life… Be sure your intent is evident in your own mind and aware of how quickly logical reasoning can evaporate. Compulsive dialing, stalking my listing, quivering voice by the time we’ve finally connected within my demanding schedule…these are not uncommon results of contacting me. Where does initial consent begin and end with my clever seduction taking over everything? Let’s find out together…it will be an experience you may regret but won’t soon forget.