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If you're a a little pay piggy, human atm, sugar daddy, or just get off on spending Money on beautiful Princesses, like Myself, check out My Financial Domination line:
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Hey there, shrimp dick! You've probably been stalking My page for ages, pulling that little pecker of yours to My sexy ass pictures... GROSS! We both know why you're here. You get off on beautiful Women, like Myself, ignoring you and laughing at you while you live vicariously through us. I love tormenting you stupid little fucks while I go about My business! It amuses Me so much to hear your shuffling around and listening to My every move while I continue to ignore and harass you, making sure you know your place. There may be some casual conversation about how pathetic you are, and while I'm ignoring you and doing something LOTS more fun than talking to your sorry ass, I may call out and torment you just for the fun of it. If you're a sissy boy who loves to cry, expect to have a box of tissues while I ignore your pathetic girly ass and make you feel even lower than you already are! And for the boys who don't like to cry and just enjoy listening in, be prepared for ANYTHING! You may even have the pleasure of just listening to My breath against the receiver while I ignore your pleas for conversation and laugh.

I may be at school, hanging out with My girlfriends, out on a date with My boyfriend, or just lounging around at home -- you never know! The only thing that's for certain is that you are ridiculously lame, and the only way you can have ANY sort of socializing is to sit here and listen to Me enjoy My perfect world while you cry and wish you were part of it.

AS ALWAYS: I adore My losers who leave positive feedback and know their place! I'm tired of assholes leaving less-than-par feedback because they were upset I wouldn't talk to them. THIS IS AN IGNORE LINE, DUMBASS! So, for those boys who want to make me happy, leave Me great feedback!

This is an IGNORE LINE. When I answer, I'll say hello and then go about my way. This isn't about your needs -- it's about listening in on My life. I'll call out to you every once in a while and make you so jealous of what I'm doing instead of paying attention to you. You'll hear me giggle and enjoy what I'm doing in the background instead of tending to your needs while you whimper and whine like a little puppy. I may answer your call and toss the phone in my purse if I'm out, making you wonder what's going on while living vicariously through our call. I may tease, taunt, humiliate and degrade you if I feel like it, reminding you how pathetic you are. If it's late, I may even just answer and go to sleep -- you'd probably bore the shit out of Me, anyway! If you're lucky, you may hear My friends, family, and generally people who are obviously above you. It'll be so much fun!


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