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Mistress Yuna

You are lower than the ground I walk on!

***************** (For Experienced Slaves Only Prefers older Subs 35y/o+) (NO CAM PLEASE DO NOT ASK) (From NY. Chicago/ LA based Fin/Dom Dominatrix.) Be ready for the most demeaning experience that you have never experienced before in you lonely, pathetic, life!!!! YOURE MINE ALREADY YOU WORTHLESS EXCUSE FOR A MAN!!!! You may only address me as MISTRESS YUNA. I AM THE QUEEN OF DOMINATION!!! YOU BETTER GET READY YOU WUSSY ASS OLD FARTS BECAUSE MISTRESS YUNA HAS SOME TRICKS UP HER SLEVES THAT WILL HUMILIATE YOUR MIND SO DEEP THAT IT WILL IMPRINT ON YOUR BRAIN FOR THE REST OF YOUR DEGENERATE WORTHLESS LIFE!! YOU WILL SERVE ME AND OBEY ME. I am a homewrecking mistress. I do not care if you have a wife, children or family. Why should I? What I fucking care about is your 100% commitment to me which is your servitude. I am young, attractive and way cunning than any woman that have crossed your path. You can't help but to feel the need to submit to me. You can't help but to feel the need to tribute your money that your wife expects you to bring home to only be unsatisfied with your boring unsatisfying life with her. This is why you have found me. This is why you need me. This is why you want me to accept you as my slave. I have many slaves. Black, white and asian. I have ALPHA slaves and BETA slaves. I am one of very few mistresses that do reverse cuckolding training and advisement for your meager wives/girIfriends. I COME FIRST BEFORE ANYTHING IN YOU MEANINGLESS WRETCHED LIFE. YOUR JOB AS MY PATHETIC LITTLE SLAVE IS TO KEEP ME PLEASED AT ANY AND ALL CO$T. BECAUSE I DONT LIKE BEING DISAPPOINTED. I AM NOT A NOVICE AT DOMINATING A OLD PERVERT LIKE YOU. (Disobedient Subs that are blocked, the unblock fee to be remove from my list is $100 in tribute) LOVE TALKING TO WEAK, PATHETIC, OLDER MEN. YOU WILL CONFESS YOUR SECRETS AND DESIRES. I WILL USE THEM TO MY ADVANTAGE TO RUIN AND HUMILIATE YOU FURTHER. YOU WILL BECOME ADDICTED TO MY ABUSE AND LAUGHTER. (Call and I will discuss your need to submit and be humiliated and controlled. I will get to the root of the issue and help you to understand why you are submissive and how you can let your submission be a healthy and sane part of your life and not let it ruin you. REMEMBER A GOOD SLAVE REMEMBERS TO LEAVE FEEDBACK TO HELP RECRUIT NEW SUBMISSIVE WORMS FOR HIS MISTRESS. Cuckolds, ATM Slaves, Old Perverts, Little Cock Boys, Femme Boys, Cum Eaters, Burping/Belching Domination, Cock Suckers and Anal Slaves are welcome to submit to me. EXPERIENCED IN HUMILIATION, PERVERT CONFESSIONALS, CBT, TEASE AND DENIAL, FINANCIAL DOMINATION, ORGASM CONTROL, FORCED BI,COCK SUCKING/GLORY HOLE TRAINING, BBC ADDICTION, CUCKOLDING,CHASTITY, ANAL/ORAL, RACE PLAY,TRAINING AND OVERALL TEACHING YOU TO BE A GOOD SLUT. ((MY WISHLIST:)) (Pathetic Bitch Tax) (Sub Assignment 1) (Sub Assignment 2) (Sub Fee) (Spoil Me $50) (Spoil Me $100) (Spoil Me $500) (Good Whore Assignment #1) Cum Fee *****REMEMBER TO LEAVE FEEDBACK***** Pay Tribute My Wishlist