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Read b4 Call | If you have questions...

about what you are doing here...
you might want to consider
that they're worth answering
before you go much farther.

Many times a question ignored
becomes a concern.

Many times a concern ignored
becomes an issue.

Many times an issue ignored
becomes something we
no longer have a choice about.

I know many on here question
what they do. It is how those
who have "helpful" listings
are able to draw in those who
need their brand of help.

From what I can tell, it is
the kind of "help" (at least
in some cases) that guys are
looking for who want to be
set-up to go into their fetish
more deeply.

The edge can be a good place.

But not when you fall off.

I know there are good people on
here who get caught up in things
that aren't helpful and don't
know how to find their way out.

The best way out is to go within,
is to listen to that part of you
that knows what's best, and not
what someone else says it is.

Yes. This is an atypical listing.
It is from an atypical person.

You want cookie cutter?
Then someone else might be for you.

You want to ask those questions,
and find your way to the answers
best for you? Then this might be
a place to discover that.

I am able to speak on many things.
I am many things.
I am quite possibly who you need
someone to be - especially if
you have questions.

I also happen to have a very
sensual and appreciated voice
that you might enjoy...but don't
expect phone sex.

Want to get off?
I can probably assist.
However it may not be what you
would expect.

I am rarely what people expect.

I am also not for everyone,
and if I am not for you
I am sure someone else will be.

If you have questions about
what you are doing here,
we should talk.

Curious about me?
Get to know me.
Click below for details.

All the best to you,
and Happy Holidays!

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