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Hardcore Bobbi

I will own all that you have and all that you are

You want cheap - look somewhere else looser. You want real, controlling, domineering.... read on. You are a weak, mindless, tiny dick, looser and need a strong, sexy dominant woman to GRAB control of you. Don't worry, I am here to bring you to your knees and make you worship me.Specializing in Humiliation, Blackmail, Money Pigs, Mind F*cks, and complete domination

I am a VERY controlling no B/s Dommes. I will bring out your inner weaknesses as you serve me in ANY WAY I demand. If I say crawl - you will; If I say get on cam so I can tape you - you will, If I say PAY - you will -the sound of my voice is all you will need - you WILL crave it and beg for me to take your call and your money. You will beg me for more

You know you need me to guide you control complete you ... I am your addiction and you will do anything to keep me happy - ANYTHING - $1.99 is my base price.... you will beg for me to raise it so you can please me... and happily pay

Here's a simple one for you Losers $2.00

Watch Me appear nakkid as you try to shoot me - earn the most points for the week and win minutes to talk to me $7.00

Try your luck at "attempting" to punch your Dommes!That's it- try to work out all those frustrations I have caused you $3.00

Sexy Bobby Jigsaw Puzzel - hours of fun! $10

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I am seeking a few special submissives/slaves to be mine. My time is VERY valuable. I am VERY selective and you MUST PROVE YOUR WORTH !!

Do you think you have what it takes to serve me?

Then call and PROVE IT

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