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I'm emma, a tall and thin 24 year old from Texas with the BEST legs that just go on forever. I guess I am what people in the BDSM scene might call a S/switch or at least that's the conclusion that I came to from what I have read on various bdsm websites. I'm pretty new to all of this as I said and I am still figuring it all out so don't quote me on it. I do know that when I am around intelligent, assertive, and confident men, I get super weak and so turned on. I guess there is just something about Alpha guys that just makes me dripping wet! Basically, I am hoping those that know what the heck they are doing will take me under their wing and help me to explore my submissive side. As far as a some background info about my sexuality goes, I guess you can say I was a late bloomer since I didn't have sex until months after my 18th birthday. Not that I wasn't curious mind you! Well I’ve made up for lost time by being a tad bit (okay, maybe a lot) promiscuous with numerous nameless people. I was fairly shy at first, so most of these encounters did occur while out partying with girlfriends and yes lots of tequila was involved. Haha. Thankfully, I am not as shy now and I don't need liquid courage to have a good time! Yes, I've fucked a ton of guys and often but don't worry my pussy is still tight and can clamp down on a cock like a vice grip. Never had any complaints about my mouth either. Hehe. Well thank you for reading my little blurb and I really hope that you will call! Feedbacks appreciated since I am new and trying to get established.