Phone Sex

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Ready to be ruthlessly used and abused?

Rebecca Ruins is back in business losers and you'd better be on your knee's where you belong when you call ME.
There's a lot of 'dommes' online now, I actually like what I do and I'm good at it. Though this is a new page...I've been doing this for a couple of years and yes pigs, losers, sluts, wimps and whores..I've heard it all.

I specialize in pulling out your deep, dark, well hidden ( or so you think!) secrets and weaving a fantasy whether it be nice or not...and usually it's not bc lets be honest your here to serve ME, I am better and smarter that you and I know best.

To Me you are a mere piece of garbage that I would gladly go out of MY way to step on, crush and destroy. Men are worthless, mindless pigs who spend so much time thinking about their little dicks and who will have sex with them. Trust ME, if a girl is having sex with YOU, she is desperate, lonely or slow.

I LOVE cbt and humiliation. I love talking about and I love it even more when you call with your toys ready. Yes, I will play in imaginary land...but once MY grip takes'll be looking for any house hold item I want to humiliate and degrade you 'parts' as I see fit.

I am 5'9 and I have size 10/11 feet. I WILL CRUSH YOUR BALLS WITH THEM and you will learn to love a tall woman towering over your wimpy, limp, slithering little body *giggles*