Phone Sex

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Need Some One On One Time, Piggy?

Only $1 for my Yahoo! Messenger ID. Mistress Alexandra Hamilton uses ONLY Yahoo!

Want to buy my lingerie - and then let me dress you in it...?

You've got issues, hunny. You really need help. And you'd be willing to pay whatever to get the help that you need.

I am here for you. No, I mean, I am actually HERE for you.

No pay-per-view games with Mistress Alexandra Hamilton. You get one on one time with me. Because I know you, and I know your problems, and I am here to help you along. The least you deserve is a little personal attention, since from here on out you will be paying the bills!

Sweet & Sexy, I am nonetheless also quite Stern. I am a real-life Domme with my own particular style - I will sweet talk you until you are ready to volunteer for your own destruction.

Deep down inside you know what a little piggy you are. You know you don't deserve success, or money, or joy. You know that, because of my superior beauty (and let's face it, because of the fact that I have a p***y), I deserve all of your money.

I am a 40-year old MILFy gal-next-door with a twist. The twist is, I am gonna let you make my car payment.

But the least I could do is walk with you as you inevitably stroll toward the poorhouse, right?

How would you like to get there?

  • Human ATM?
  • Raise the Rate?
  • Orgasm Control?
  • Guided Masturbation?
  • Feminization?
  • Forced bi?
  • Sissyboi slut training?
  • Insertion training?
  • Forced intoxication?
  • Small Penis Humiliation?
  • Cuckolding? (I do NOT Cuckold my husband! I will Cuckold you, your boss, your friend, your enemy, or just about anybody else, but do not ask me to cuckold my husband.)
  • Foot and body worship?
  • Blackmail? (You MUST fill out Blackmail Application below.)
  • Humiliation?
  • Chastity?
  • Chronic masturbation?
  • Self-Bukkake?

How sad that you spend all your time chronically masturbating and fantasizing when you could be doing something worthwhile to help the economy! Well, now you are about to do something to help the good old USA! Don't you feel patriotic?

And as I move you down the path to full-blown human ATM, you will move through the stages of $ugar Daddie$, Ca$h $lave, and finally, PAY PIGGIE TO MISTRESS ALEXANDRA HAMILTON. And then I will own the only part of you that really matters....

(See the Humiliation Homework Assignments below to get started on your educational requirements to become a PAY PIGGIE owned by ME!)

So get out your dildo, sex toys, beer, liquor, and of course your webcam (as I need to view your OBEDIENCE) and call me, right now.

I have needs. It will be your pleasure to meet them.




Wanna play a game with me on webcam? Play "BUSTED, B*TCH!" and be punished for ALL your Crimes!

Note:It will take, on average, three separate days to complete your "trial" while playing "BUSTED, B*TCH!"


Got humiliation?

All of Mistress Alexandra's pets must qualify to become her PAY PIGGIE. There are educational requirements for becoming a playtoy of Mistress Alexandra. All of Mistress Alexandra's PAY PIGGIES travel the same path....

After completing assignments 1-4, you receive a certificate as Mistress Alexandra's $ugar Daddie$.

After completing assignments 5-8, you graduate to the level of Mistress Alexandra's Ca$h $lave.

After lessons 9-15, you qualify as Mistress Alexandra's PAY PIGGIE.