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to be different.

Sometimes you just get
caught in the
in the erotic games
of phone sex
but what you really want
or need is
someone to talk to.

Sometimes we want
attention and feel the
only way to get it is
to stir things up.

Well...despite what some
may say, you can stir
things up without creating
any anguish or guilt or
creating any problems
for yourself.

It may not be easy if
you have a well worn
road of self destruction
or sabotage, but it is

I know that many guys
want to be submissive
just so they can let go
sometimes, but they
don't always want
everything that comes
along with it.

There are those who
will say they'll help you,
and they'll do just want
you want in fantasy...
they'll help you right
into more trouble.

That's fine, except for
when it's not.

Just know that this listing
is exactly as it seems to
be, and you aren't going
to find me contorting

Yes we can play. But
not in the way you may
be used to.

I am different, and if you
call me you may find that
you will be different, too.

Btw, if you haven't been
scared off yet, then perhaps
we should speak. I know
I am not for everyone, and
that is why it is likely best
if you take my words just
as they are, and exit via
the next listing, or better
yet give me a call to
discover a world unlike
one you may have experienced

This is my second listing.

If you want to hear what
others have to say about
me, you can check the
first listing for feedback.

It's rather new, too...but
so far so good.

I am attempting to find the
best way to communicate
who I am so no one wastes
any time or energy, and I
promise to always be true
to myself and provide you
with an experience that is
true to the content of this

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All the best to you, and
Happy Holidays!