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Well, hello, boys. You've found the absolute best ignore line on niteflirt when you clicked on this listing - well done.

I'm Priestess Katherine and I spend my days hypnotizing and brainwashing my pets, being worshipped and adored, interacting with the lovely boys who have chosen to join my Hypnocult. You - however - are not here to interact with me. Not in this space. You may be the most loyal of my pets or a random stranger, passing through my space - but you will be treated the same. You will be ignored.

I absolutely adore ignoring boys, and you can tell by just how thoroughly I do it. You're not going to get a hello from me, not a breath, not a whisper. You'll hear exactly what's going on right at that moment. I absolutely refuse to perform for ignore line callers, and thus you will never hear me faking a conversation or masturbation, never listen in on anything that isn't genuine. However, I do talk, masturbate, fuck, record, session, have parties, discuss you with friends - and if you're lucky enough to call at the right time, you'll catch it all and know it's 100% real. For the same reasons I refuse to perform for callers, I refuse to stop what I am doing to indulge you. Whether you find me watching geeky television or fucking my paramours, I won't stop, and you'll get to listen. It's a level of interaction you won't be able to back away from.

Even if you aren't into being ignored, the sensation of being a voyeur is powerfully erotic, and to do that while showing me tribute, draining money from your account to mine simply as gift or tribute, is intense. This is an ideal way to worship, to tribute, to bring a smile to my face - demanding nothing, receiving nothing, just making me smile while the minutes slowly roll by.

My price is immensely low, considering the quality of the session you are about to have. Feel free to linger, to stay - but if you see me free, call fast, as many of my customers adore staying on this line for hours, and you may not get a chance for for a while.

So settle in! Give me a call and act on the urges that drove you here in the first place. Relax and find out what it means to be ignored by someone who gets off on it just as much as you do.

Whether it’s a monetary tribute or a gift from my wishlist, I appreciate it! Tribute, introduce yourself, drop me a line and tell me what you gifted me. I love presents, I love to be spoiled, and I reward the pets that do it. What are you waiting for?