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A personal note from Curious Cristine to you. So now you know a little bit about me, but let's talk about you now. For whatever reason, your self esteem is completly fucked, which makes you the prime target for manipulative evil girls like myself. Maybe you grew up being a loner with no friends, maybe you grew up with major mommy issues, or maybe your just doomed from the begining to be nothing but an embarsment, a lowlife nobody. Either way, your here now, and talking to wallet abusing hot bitches, gives you some sort of fullfillment in life. It doesn't bother you being mind fucked by your addiction, because honestly, what else do you have? Being forced to empty out your wallet for me, gives you something to do, let's face it, how else would you be able to have conversations with sexy broads? So don't be ashamed of your role as a jerk off pay slut, you should be proud of it, embrace it. It's part of who you are , no matter how pathetic it may be. So get your cock out and begin wanking it, just like every other night. But this time, try to put a smile on your face. Tell yourself, yeah I am a nerd/loser/scumbag/pig, but hey, at least I am doing something worthwhile! I am spending my money on a hot girl who is smart enough to mind fuck me into doing practically anything she wants! She is talking to me, and using what I have, to make her material, comfortable life, even better! She is even letting ME, continue my addiction to jerking off to her daily and allowing me to cum buckets, that's more then any other girl has ever done for me! So my cash whores, don't forget to tell me thankyou, and you are very welcome. It's my pleasure taunting and teasing you until your credit is maxed out and your bank is bone dry. Now enough about YOU, and enough about ME, that's get to what really matters, your $$$!!

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Curious Cristine

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