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Isabella is in controll now!!

Ok...Here's the deal. I am tired of being "Miss nice girl"...tired of you men thinking you have autority over me. This weekend, I asked my former BF to take out the garbage...he calls me "controlling",PISSED ME OFF! So...I tied him up. Guess what? He called me whatever I wanted him to call me. I'm in controll now, I make the rules. I take, you give I controll, you relinquish I talk, you listen I am the boss, you're the "BITCH" Now...some rules to live by - All good pets need training 1. I have a name and you will repeat it until you say it the way I want you to say it. 2. Don't speak until you're spoken to, (except to say, "Yes, Miss") 3. Under NO circumstanes are you to have an orgams unless you ask my permission (no guarantees) 4. Stand in front of me so that I may inspect you. 5. When I ask you how I look, look at me and answer until I am satisfied. 6. What do you want me to do to you? (the only correct answere is "whatever you want Miss") 7. Would you like to have sex with me? (only in your dreams...LMFAO) 8. Who does your body and mind belong to? (careful how you answer) My goal is to teach you obedience and cooperation, when you learn that you earn my attention. The more you behave the better the reward. You will thank me in the end. I'm waiting to begin your training...dont make me wait long.