Phone Sex

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I look at my feet and know that they are nothing short of perfection. Expertly pedicured, painted, and beautiful at all times.
Go on, you know you want to talk about it...
Do you want to hear about how sweaty my feet can get?
Do you crave their scent?
Does the thought of being under my soles get you excited?
Do you want to hear all about my pedicure?
Are you going to lick them clean?
Are you going to beg for them?
What makes you SO special?
Call and let ME decide if you're worthy enough to worship them.

An email from my foot slave:
Dear Ms. Above and Beyond,
I never loved anyone in my life more than your feet. they are simply the best. I love how they look, the shape, the toes, nails, ankles, up, down, side, every point of them is amazing. I would love to smell them, kiss them , suck your toes, lick between your toes,.... nothing is more lovely and sexy than putting my lips and tongue on your divine feet, nothing is better than being under your feet. I am loyal to your feet, i devote my life to them, i do anything to please them. Life has no meaning without your feet my Mistress. I wait and wait every day on screen just to see your feet on cam, to have a peek of your amazing adorable feet. I love them more than myself, i bow for them, and i respect them. the pleasure of your feet is something taboo, i cannot express my true feelings, and what ever i say is still 1% of my emotions toward your feet my Goddess.
truly to your feet.
your slave,