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My name is Deanna, but you may call me Princess, Mistress, Goddess or by whatever title conveys your sense of submission, worthlessness, or inferiority that you feel when you're waiting for me to answer the phone. I'm intelligent, as I know most of you are. Being weak and subject to the power a nineteen year old girl has over your cock and your money does not automatically make you stupid, although I know that several of you will demonstrate your stupidity because you really, really need to experience humiliating yourself for me.

I know that whatever fetish you have and are brave enough to speak out loud to me, there is much more to your fetish that you keep hidden from everyone but yourself. The thing that I've kept from other people has been my love for inflicting pain on other people. I like the thought of someone else actually suffering for me because, on a sexual level, they desire me so much that they are willing to experience physical and mental pain in the hope of finding their dark sexual release. The mental pain and subsequent rush of probing your basic fetishes to find the raw core of your sexuality that you will only be able to speak to me excites me. Exposing your raw fetishes to you takes you to a place where you want to be with me when you're experiencing the one personal thing that you need to go on.

Some of my basic needs are to inflict pain on a man's testiclies. I love cock and ball toruture. I don't want to fuck your cock; I just want to abuse it. I also have a need to laugh at guys who are deserving to be humiliated by me. I want to see how far you will go to be my best humiliation toy. And when I'm finished playing with my toy, it goes back on the shelf until it has saved up to be played with again.