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I can tell you why she's out COCK HUNTING!!!


Awww, I'll bet you find yourself asking this question at least twice
a week, huh? Don't worry sweetie, I'm sure she's being taken care of!

You're in a situation where you're a CUCKOLD, you know this,
right? You KNOW where she is, and you know why she's there.

It might be your little weenie, it just doesn't do the trick for her
anymore! She's tired of guessing whether it's "in" or not haha!

She needs COCK. with a capital C. BIG cock. Meaty cock. You
just don't have what she craves! Now, what can you do about it??



Oh, you can keep her. You can feed her, clothe her, provide her
with life's luxuries, but other than that, you're useless to her.

BUT...there is something you CAN do. CALL ME. I understand
and I'll tell you all the reasons she's fucking around, no judgement!

No yelling, no humiliation...just some straight talk about why she's
doing the things she does. I'm very easy to talk to, I have a very hot
voice, and you just might even get hooked on me! When she goes out,
HEY! you have someone to turn to just like she does, right? I can help,
I do understand, and I'll try my best to help you understand why your
relationship is in the gutter. Call me, she's gone anyway, so why not!?

Don't worry, I know how to keep a secret :)) If you need to
complain, cry, or just talk, I'm here for you...let me be the
shoulder you need, and I'll try to explain why she's out again!

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