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Dr. Rachael

I know how to handle your package

In desperate need of a quick blow job? Want to talk about what turns you on? Are you ready to be the cucky she's always wanted? Do you need to learn to control your orgasm? Can't get off unless you're humiliated? Do you have a secret stash of lingerie? Is there a secret kink or fantasy you’re too afraid to share with anyone else? If you answered yes to any of these questions, call me now.

I was a nerd before it was cool to be a nerd. I love sports so much that I hid my geek side and became a cheerleader right up through college. I would cheer my ass off, especially during football season. I can proudly say I am personally responsible for more than one trip to a bowl game. I am the queen of the five-minute blow job. A skill I perfected one half time at a time, usually with the oppositions quarterback. I still fit into my cheer outfit although it stretches around the tits a little more than it used to. I have lots of hot stories from my college days that I’d love to tell you.

I am a mana cum largely graduate of the Phallic University with a doctorate in cockology. I love cock, so much so that I have made a career out of studying it. I have spent years studying the male sex organ and find it very stimulating. I love how it gets hard when you stroke it just right and how that same steely hard shaft can hide like a frightened turtle with just a flick of the tongue. Men are incredible creatures, you have your own quirks and kinks. I guess you could say I’m a cock whore, I’ll do anything to get my lips around the next one.

I'm not all business, I need the same release you do. I need a man to take control of me and remind me just how good it feels to be a woman. I crave your cock deep inside me, filling me and making me submit to your every desire.

I have superior cock sucking skills. I would love to be put me on my knees; your cock stuffed down my throat. Kiss my cum covered lips, tease me, lick me and make me surrender. I need it a little rough sometimes. Pull my hair, spank my ass, toss me around and make it hurt, I won't break. I want the rush of knowing I am with a real man. Let me show you how good it feels to be a man. I need you now, please don't keep me waiting.

The doctor will see you now. Sit back, get comfortable and know this is a safe place to talk about all those deep dark secrets you keep. I’ve heard it all before and not much shocks me. I want to make you feel so good about what make you feel so good. Let’s talk about what makes your cock hard. Come on now, don’t be shy it’s just you and me here and I won’t tell.

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