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Bossy Ryder

Would You Like to be a Sensual Virtuoso?

I am a lovely mature woman with a lot of experience. After my divorce I swore I would never put my brand on another pony until I had taken him for a ride. I was like Goldilocks looking for the magic man with the magic wand. I had sex with a lot of men and I learned a lot. I am a woman who knows what she likes.

I am also writing a book about an elegant and sophisticated style of making love that involves moving through the positions of the kama sutra in a specific manner to intensify passion and consciously coordinate a mutual simultaneous orgasm.

If you would like to know what it means to embody the eight characteristics of a Sensual Virtuoso, I can teach you how.

Do you know how to touch someone in a way that inspires trust, confidence, passion, desire and a willing heart? Do you use superior penetration technique? Can you feel the twitch and use it to intensify passion? Do you use sophisticated sensual conversation during sex? Can you make eye contact while you have an orgasm? Have you ever synchronized your breath with someone while making love?

Or we can talk about whatever you like.

Call me and let's talk.