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Sunset Robin

empty that wallet bitch boy-- my time =$$$

What Robin Wants...Robin Gets!

You are drawn to me for a reason- I expect nothing less than EVERYTHING YOU HAVE!

I am Robin- your new Mistress-- your new obsession-- your new reason to get up in the morning and go to work.

Wake UP
Think of Robin
Think of Robin
Go to Work
Think of Robin
Get home
Think of Robin
Give Robin your $$$
Please Robin Daily
Do what Robin Says
Make Robin Happy.

I want all your attention, your pride, and your hard earned CA$H. It belongs to ROBIN now! Did you think you could just click on my page and not pay?? I will blackmail you to the point of poverty. I will make you get a second job just to support my luxurious lifestyle. This is no joke- Princess Robin is a sexy, sultry, deserving and spoiled young women that will accept nothing less than everything!
Pay Up - and PS- I own that dick now!

Get one thing straight- This princess owns you now. Everything you have and do is for Robin, got that?
Pay up Now- Princess Robin says so

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