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Meet your new Master.

Live out your darkest fantasies, your most perverted thoughts, the dreams you thought you dare not speak to any living soul. The innermost urges you thought you would take to your grave... bring them to Me and I will make them flesh in your mind.

Do you long for humiliation? Are you ashamed of yourself, constantly fearing that people around you will discover that you're faking it? That you're incompetent, impotent, and helpless? Do you secretly long to kneel before a powerful Man and serve Him? Feel how much less you are in contrast to His power? Do you want to feel that, the arousal and lust that comes with admitting your deepest desires, the fear that you might be tapping into something that, once started, cannot be stopped?

Come, serve your new Master and lay your soul bare to Him. I am a hard Master, cruel and sadistic. I will play with your pain, make you suffer and work for your absolution, and free you from your demons. Serve Me through your pain, your humiliation, or your money. Serve Me and know bliss.

Break your addiction to porn, to gambling, to prostitutes. Become addicted to Me.

Pour out the secrets of your soul to Me:
  • submission
  • financial domination
  • sissification
  • cuckolding
  • anything your sick perverted little mind has come up witih.

This is not mere fantasy for me - this is the life I lead every day, and I have heard, seen, and done things you can only imagine. You cannot shock me. I dare you to try.

Call your new Master now and begin your path to servitude.

    Introduce yourself. Tribute Master Dominion $20.

    Get yourself noticed. Tribute Master Dominion $50.

    Pay utmost respect and tribute to your new Master. Tribute Master Dominion $100.

Master Dominion is experienced in a wide variety of kinky, depraved behaviors, just like the ones your disgusting mind obsesses about. What's that? You need a list, you little maggot? OK, here you go: BDSM, S&M, slave training, sissy training, humiliation, degradation, obedience, anal plugs, roleplay (role play or roleplaying), anal training, figging, phone fucking, edging, ass worship, breath play, heavy breathing, atm, nastypigs (nasty pigs), money piggy, being served and obeyed, blackmail, forced blow jobs, faggot slaves, forced bi, bondage, control rituals, boot worship, foot worship, brainwashing, edge play, twisted verbal abuse, cash slaves, money slaves, masturbation denial, chastity belt, domestic sissy maids, ball torture, cock rings, cock cages, cock whipping, cock worship faggot slaves, enslavement, collar men, control, corset, cross-dressing, cuckolds, hand cuff, dildo training, dirty story, forced chastity, cum denial, exhibition, financial, forced bi, gags, spanking, man harem, high heel, humiliation, ice cube, blackmail interrogation, lingerie and panty hose fetish, mind control, hypnosis, sex therapy, anal rimming, orgasm control, orgasm denial, otk discipline, outdoor sex, otk spanking, public exposure, torture, riding crops, cock rings, sleep deprivation, spanking, speech restriction, breeding, creampie (cream pie), sluts and whores, strap on, cum swallow, giving tasks, uniforms, verbal humiliation, voyeurism, whips & chains, writing lines, and much, much more.