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What is milking you may ask? True milking is the stimulation of the prostate gland with the discharge (precum) of semen. I use the word discharge instead of ejaculation because the discharge is not orgasmic like an ejaculation but more of an oozing and draining of cum.

The prostate is a small gland that, in men, surrounds the neck of the bladder and urethra. Its primary function is to contribute to seminal fluid. Milking is simply continual massaging of the prostate and surrounding area in this manner. The massaging can be by fingers or an object like a dildo. Fingers are the best for stimulation but a dildo will work and aids in the humiliation and emasculation of the slave. Another thing about cumming by milking is that the slow dripping of cum leaves the slave only partially satisfied and sexually frustrated. The slave has a constant feeling of being on the verge of cumming so the slaves keeps massaging or wanting his prostate to be massaged in the hopes of cumming more. He will beg for the Mistress to keep fucking him so he can cum some more. It keeps him on the edge of ejaculating but without the orgasmic release. This makes the slave crave more and more stimulation, hoping he can achieve a strong orgasm. The cruel truth is that it is never comes. Instead of an orgasmic release of cum, drips of cum oozes out.

Mistress Sabrina demands Her milking slaves follow these rules:

Written from the prospective of a milking slave.

Rule 1: Mistress Sabrina’s body is a temple and I should worship, honor and pamper it. My penis is of no use to Her. Only my hands and mouth will be permitted to pleasure Her. So I must keep my hands soft by using lotion and keeping my nails filed and smooth. I am to keep my tongue strong through exercising. Mistress requires me to do tongue thrusts imagining She is sitting on my face and I am thrusting my tongue into Her ass.

Rule 2: I am not permitted to touch my penis. To aid in this, She has had me purchase a chastity device, chastity tube that I wear when I am not in Her presence. I have given Her the key. When She releases my penis, it immediately springs to life. Mistress likes to talk to it, asking it how it likes being released from its cage. She says things like "hows it feel to be out of your cage," or "wouldn’t you like to be stroked or sucked". She likes to place Her dildo next to it and compare how puny it is to the long thick dildo. She even sometimes touches Her Pussy then places Her wet fingers next to my penis telling it "this is the closest you will ever get to a Pussy ever again". As She does and says these things my penis throbs and bobs almost like it is responding to Her voice. Maybe it is. She also likes to talk to it just before She puts the chastity tube back on saying "time for the sissy penis to go back in his cage".

Rule 3: I must keep myself clean shaven and my fuck hole clean. I am also required to keep in place a butt plug in my ass at home and whenever in Mistress’ presence, even when we are out in public. I am to wear Women’s panties instead of underwear.

Rule 4: I must learn to enjoy being fucked (milked) with a dildo and I must learn to cum in this manner. Mistress says that the male orgasm is an improper and wasteful activity. Because the male's true, submissive nature is most clearly revealed while he is in a state of sexual frustration, it is best to maintain that state at all times.

Rule 5: I must learn to enjoy eating cum. In addition to being my Mistress’s milking slave, I am also Her sissy slut. So whenever I am milked, Mistress Sabrina likes to collect the cum as it comes out of my penis into a cup or bowl. I can then eat it as Mistress watches. Mistress Sabrina also likes to rub it on Her strap-on and have me suck it clean. This also helps to train me for sucking a cock, Rule 6. Another thing She has promised to do is to let me be present when She has Her male lover over. With my butt plug in place, I will be permitted to watch him fuck and please Her with his penis. After he has thoroughly pleased Her, I will be permitted to lick Her pussy clean of his and Her cum.

Rule 6: I must learn to enjoy sucking a cock, like a sissy slut, enjoy it and cum while sucking it. For cock sucking, my Mistress likes to have me kneel in front of her, with a butt plug in place. As I kneel, I lower my ass between my legs onto the floor so I get further penetration by the butt plug. My Mistress then stands in front of me with her strap-on in place. As I suck She likes to ask me questions and have me try to answer as I gag and mumble with the cock in my mouth. She also expects me to make Her cum so as I suck and Her thrusts become stronger and deeper as She massages Her clit with the backside of the strap-on. When I am proficient at sucking a cock, She promises to try me out on a real one.

Finally, Mistress has promised me that if I continue to please Her She has will let me serve at one of Her Mistress’s teas. She says that I can be their sissy maid and serve Her and Her Friends drinks and snacks. Off course I will be dressed in my pink panties, stockings and garter belt with my butt plug in place. And for the entertainment my Mistress will demonstrate how a milking slave is milked while sucking a cock and being fucked by a dildo. Her Mistress Friends can then take turns fucking and milking me while I suck others strap-on.

Call Mistress Sabrina now to hear Her thoughts on milking and if found pleasing perhaps you will receive the honor of becoming.Mistress Sabrina’s milking slave.