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Pretty Paisley

I love my toys but we love a playmate too



Hi I'm Paisley. I am 35 and I tried this a while ago and chickened out because I always thought that being a married woman no one would really want to call me, but a friend of mine assures me it works. I am married to a man that is married to his job and the bottle. If he isnt working he is out boozing it and barely makes it to his chair where he passes out for the night

I would be lying to you if I said I wasn't getting off at the thought of having phone sex with random men knowing that at any moment my husband could pop in and catch us, though even if he did he probably would be too drunk to notice.



So I am sure right now your thinking why not just go have an affair? Well the reason why is because I do that and get caught, then he can divorce me and leave me with nothing.

You have got to love the one sided pre-nups. So here I am waiting for you to call me and give me some much needed T.L.C. Call me and help a lonely housewife out.



I love role plays and I have a huge need to satisfy. So I guess you can say I am a bit of a submissive woman. Are you more of a Oral or Anal man? Do you like Boob more than Ass or do you like it a bit rougher? I like being called names and used for your pleasure, tell me what you like so that we can fill that fantasy

I love to get loud when I am having sex so dont think I am going to hold back, screaming your name as I cum with you, who knows maybe my husband will wake up while I scream your name!!! Call me soon and lets wake him up ahaha .