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Princess Katie Love

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Yes, loser, I am only 20 and I am REAL. Just fucking LOOK AT ME! Experience amazing ABUSE and EXPLOITATION through MY young, but devious and brilliant mind. You will soon find out that I am the REAL ABSOLUTELY PERFECT DEAL!!!


any of those things turn you on loser?? LOL I BET most of them do because your so FUCKED UP!! haha But anyways, keep fucking scrolling down and GET ADDICTED TO ME!

SO WHO AM I?? I am a 20 year old PRINCESS who is on the fast track to become THE MOST ELITE AND DESIRED FINANCIAL DOMME ONLINE! Yes, I am THAT fucking confident. Why? Because I am already PERFECT, GORGEOUS, BRILLIANT AND NATURALLY BITCHY. I was fortunate enough to discover all about you retards at such a young age, and learn how to TAKE COMPLETE ADVANTAGE of your twisted fetishes.

But I am not your typical clueless young girl who just calls herself a financial domme, nor am I a phone-sex operator-turned-phone Dominatrix. I am also not an insta-Domme. I have always been a bratty dominating little girl, but I want MORE power the older I get. I attracted 2 moneyslaves over a year ago (who STILL serve ME regularly!) and enjoy TORMENTING AND CONTROLLING weak submissive minds. It's honestly more than just money for ME, I LIVE, BREATHE, and am also ADDICTED to FemDomme. You will discover amazing things with ME, and you will ALSO become helpless and obedient, one of MY many little puppets! I so enjoy to RUIN little piggies. I wrap them around MY finger, dump them upside down, turn them inside out, and drain them for everything they have to offer.

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Your MONEY. That is the one thing that I really desire from you. I desire your money in MY bank account. You will give it to ME when I ask for it, when I tell you to give it to ME, and you will give it to ME when I don't ask for it. You will give it to ME before I even know that you exist. You will send ME payments to my account before you even contact ME, because, you want ME to notice you - don't you?

You are becoming addicted already, and feel COMPELLED TO PAY ME NOW. LOL. Yes, hahaha another WEAK RETARD who cannot resist. However, becoming MY permanent bitch is something you must work hard for, strive for, PAY for... it is entirely possible that you will NEVER win a place in MY life... In fact, this is 99.9% likely.

beg to be wallet raped

I love managing MY slaves schedules,daily activities, finances, and every aspect of their lives. Basically, I eventually want COMPLETE CONTROL but I will go slowly with you, however expect ME to push your limits (because it's SO FUCKING FUN TO PUT FEAR INTO YOU LOSERS!) But I do not accept all slave applications, since I can AFFORD to be extremely selective. Oh lol and if you call and I ignore you, consider it a fucking blessing that I'm even giving you THAT much of MY attention! Also. I find RAISE-THE-RATE a very fun tool to torture you!!!

I want you to pay for MY every whim and desire. If you have extra money, it is not really yours, is it silly?

It's MINE!