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Needful Student Michelle

I think about it all the time, lets talk about it

Hey Guys! My name is Michelle, and I am into so many things but the things I find sexiest are fast cars, hot men (I love older men who spoil their women) and nothing is hotter than a great night of sex. I love to go to car shows, I like teasing my male friends telling them I missed my calling in life, that I should be one of these HOT models that stand next to the cars but the problem would be my tiny panties would have a wet spot, because I would think about having sex the entire time I am standing next to one.

I just turned 20 years old, and I love going out clubbing with my girls. I love watching guys watch us dancing and bumping and grinding on each other. Guess you can say I love teasing a guy, and I love the site of a guys jeans with a bump in the front. I love to dance over to one and crawl up in his lap, look him in the eyes and give him a lap dance for a bit before jumping off and returning to the girls. Maybe I missed my calling? Maybe I should have been a pole dancer ahahaha. The girls and guys say I would make some great money doing it but being I want to be a lawyer later on in life probably not a good idea. Past normally has a way of catching up with yea right? Am hoping this wont stop my plans.

One thing I would love to stumble across on here is a guy looking to take care and spoil a girl. I definitely need a sugar daddy.I would do one here where I live but the town I live in is so small that word travels so fast and everyone would know. My parents, always told me I had champagne taste and not even a beer salary. I work as a bartender (part time) and tips are good just barely making it. So if you want to support me, I am willing to take it from you.

I love sex and everything there is about it. I love to talk about it, I love to explore new fetishes, and I love the old fuck and suck. I don't do to many one nighters and I do have my share of "friends with Benefits", but here is the deal. I dont want to get to involved with anyone until after I finish my law degree. I am just in the beginning stages of getting the basic courses out of the way so it will be a while before I am going to be serious about anything. There are some nights that I will be hoping the phone will ring just to get a breather from the books and talk to anyone other then myself. So If I sound like the kinda girl you would like to talk to or spend time with, pick up that phone and call me. Lets get our groove on and get me away from the books :)